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XRU1D Series
  • Pluggable Relay Allows for Field Replacement
  • Functional Plug-In Bridges
  • Screw Connections
  • LED Status Indication
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • Only 6.2 mm (0.24") Wide
  • All Common Input Voltages Between 24 Vdc to 120 Vac
  • NEMA 6 (IP67) Protection
  • Environmentally Friendly, Cadmium-Free Contact
  • Easy, Cost-Effective and Replacement Using Engagement Lever
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Application Description
Used in automation systems, electromechanical relays guarantee a safeconnection between process I/O and electronic controls. The following functionsare covered by relay coupling elements:
• Electrical isolation between theinput and output circuits
• Independence of the type ofswitching current (AC and DC)
• High short-term overloadresistance in the event of shortcircuits or voltage peaks
• Low switching losses
• Ease of operation

Power Terminal Block
The XRAPLCESK power terminal block hasthe same shape as the relay modules and isused to feed in the bridging potentials. Thenominal current is 32 A. When the totalcurrent is less than or equal to 6 A, supplycan take place directly at the connectingterminal blocks of one of the connectedrelays.

End Cover
The XRAATPBK end cover is required at thestart and stop of a relay strip. It can also beused for visual separation of groups ofrelays as well as separating relays withvoltages greater than 250V and separatingneighboring bridges with different potentials.It is equipped with pre-scored break outpoints at the bridging positions so thatindividual bridges can be passed through asneeded. It may also be necessary to use theend cover between adjacent relays whenthree phases (L1, L2, L3) are used on thecontact side of the relay.

The XRAFBST colored, insulated pluginbridge system reduces wiring time by up to70% compared to conventionally wiredrelays. The XRAFBST2, 2-position bridges,are suited for bridging a smaller number ofrelays and total currents <6 A. When a circuitis supplied from both sides, the circuit canbe opened at any point, allowing all othermodules to continue being supplied at thesame time. The XRAFBST500 allow up to80 modules to be bridged at one time. Ifbridges with different potentials meet inneighboring modules, the end coverXRAATPBK should be used. All bridges areequipped with a groove for removal with astandard screwdriver.

Input Voltage:
   XRU1D24: 24 Vdc
   XRU1D24U: 24 Vac/Vdc
   XRU1D120U: 120 Vac/110 Vdc
Typical Input Current:
   XRU1D24: 9 mA
   XRU1D24U: 11 mA (24 Vac), 8.5 mA (24 Vdc)
   XRU1D120U: 3.5 mA (120 Vac), 3 mA (110 Vdc)
Connection Type: Screw connection
Rigid Solid AWG (mm2): 26 to 14 (0.14 to 2.5)
Flexible Stranded AWG (mm2): 26 to 14 (0.14 to 2.5)
Typical Response Time:
   XRU1D24: 5 mS
   XRU1D24U and XRU1D120U: 6 mS
Typical Release Time:
   XRU1D24: 8 mS
   XRU1D24U and XRU1D120U: 15 mS
Input Protection:
   XRU1D24: Polarity protection diode, free-wheeling diode
   XRU1D24U and XRU1D120U: Bridge rectifier
Contact Type: SPDT
Contact Material: AgSnO
Max Switching Voltage: 250 Vac/Vdc1
Min Switching Voltage: 12 Vac/Vdc
Limiting Continuous Current: 6 A
Min Switching Current: 10 mA
Min Switching Power: 120 mW
Ambient Temp Range: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Rated Operating Mode: 100% operating factor
Inflammability Class: V0, in accordance with UL 94
Mechanical Service Life: 2 x 107 cycles
*The separating plate, XRAPLCESK, shouldbe installed for voltages greater than 250V(L1, L2, L3) between identical terminal pointsof adjacent modules. Potential bridging isthen possible with the XRAFBST bridgesystem.
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