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RTD Elements: trodeksFILM® Flat Profile Thin Film Platinum with Ceramic Base and Glass Coating
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
F2020 Series
  • Flat, Small Profile Thin Film RTD Element
  • Specification DIN EN 60751 (According to IEC 60751)
  • Temperature Range -50 to 500°C (-58 to 932°F) Depending on Accuracy Class (See Table Below)
  • Temperature Coefficient α = 0.00385Ω/Ω/°C Nominal
  • 100, 500 and 1000 Ohm Configurations
  • Class A, B and 1/3 B (Also Known as Class AA) Tolerances
  • Long Term Stability: Max. Ro Drift Not Greater Than the Class Tolerance After 1000 Hours in Air at Maximum Temperature Specified for Class.
  • Vibration Resistance at Least 40 g Acceleration at 10 to 2000 Hz
  • Shock Resistance at 100 g Acceleration with 8ms Half Sine Wave
  • Insulation Resistance >10Mohms at 20°C: >1Mohms at 500°C
  • Self Heating Does Not Exceed 25% of the Tolerance Value When Powered at the Maximum Specified Operating Current (1 milliamp for 100Ω, 0.7milliamp for 500Ω and 0.3 milliamp for 1000Ω Elements)
  • Response Time Water Current (v=0.4 m/s)
    t0.5 = 0.2 s; t0.9 = 0.4 s Air Stream
    (v = 1 m/s) t0.5 = 3.0 s; t0.9 = 9.0 s
  • Platinum Clad Nickel Wire Leads 10 L x 0.2 mm D (0.39 x 0.008")
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The F2020 thin film RTD element is a 2.0mm x 2.0mm size.trodeksFILM platinum thin film RTDelements are manufactured usingmaterials and processes similarto those employed in themanufacture of integrated circuits.This results in a rugged, reliablesensing element that can beproduced in a wide range of sizes,resistances, and accuracies to meeteven the most demanding ofapplications.

trodeksFILM RTDs conform tothe internationally acceptedrequirements of IEC60751, whichdefines the resistance vs.temperature characteristics of thesensors, their base resistance at0°C (32°F), and their accuracy(see below). RTDs conforming toIEC751 have a temperaturecoefficient of resistance (alsoknown as Alpha) of 0.00385Ohms/Ohms/°Cbetween 0 and 100°C.

As a result of conforming to aninternationally recognized standardsuch as IEC751, trodeksFILMRTD elements can be used as-isworldwide with a multitude ofcontrollers and instrumentsdesigned to function within theserequirements. Elements are referred to as pt100, pt500 or pt1000 Ohm configurations

ClassTolerance (°C)Tolerance of
resistance at 0°C (Ω)
1/3B (AA) ±(0.1 + 0.0017ItI) ±0.04Ω 0 to 150°C
A ±(0.15 + 0.002ItI)±0.06Ω -30 to 300°C
B ±(0.3 + 0.005ItI) ±0.12Ω -50 to 500°C
trodeksFILM RTDs are available inflat, round, and specialty shapes formaximum flexibility. They are alsoavailable in resistances at 0°C thatinclude 100, 200, 500, and 1000 ohms, depending on the elementstyle (the resistances available foreach style will be shown on theirindividual pages).

Note on Assembling trodeks "F" Series RTD Elements to Extension Wires:These RTD elements are made with platinum coated nickel lead wires. Since platinum does not easily wet with most soft solders, we advise that they be spot welded or silver soldered to extension wires when required.
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