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Vortex Flow Meters for Industrial Applications
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FV-500C Series
  • Custom Built to Order - CONSULT FLOW ENGINEERING
  • SSP (Spectral Signal Processing) Technology
  • Measures Steam, Gas, and Low Viscosity Liquids
  • Clear Parallel Two-Line LCD Display. Displays Simultaneous Flow Rate and Total Along with Process Diagnosis
  • New, Compact Amplifier Housing: Lighter, Small and Easier to Handle
  • No Start-Up Tuning
  • Low Flow Stability
  • Advanced Self-Diagnostics
  • No Moving Parts
  • Simultaneous Analog and Pulse Outputs (Pulse requires Display)
  • Status Output (Flow Switch Function) or Alarm Output
  • Configurable Through Local Display Interface
  • High Accuracy: ±0.75% Rdg (Liquid), ±1% Rdg (Gas, Steam)
  • Learn more about the principle of vortex flow meters.
 Manuals (contact with email : [email protected])


Please be prepared to complete the "Vortex/Pitot Tube Order Questionnaire" (Download in the Related Links Below) so you can fax or email it to Flow Engineering.

trodeks’s FV-500C Series vortex flowmeter provides accurate, reliable, low-maintenance flow measurement. Vortices generated by the flowing fluid stress the shedder bar in pulses, and the shedder bar transmits the stress pulses to the encapsulated piezoelectric sensor.

Please contact trodeks FLOW Engineering by phone, fax, or email to size the vortex flow meter for your application. All the vortex meters are custom built to order. A display is highly recommended for any fine tuning adjustments required.

Based on the field proven sensor technology of the FV-500C Series vortex flowmeters, FV-500C features a new amplifier with proprietary spectral signal processing (SSP) technology to analyze the vortex waveform into its spectral components to filter noise from signal for the most stable measurement possible.

The FV-500C Series will provide excellent vibration immunity for stable, accurate measurements at low flows without any need for start-up tuning. The user benefits through greater reliability, reduced maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership.

The programmable display allows access to the full power of trodeks’s new intelligent amplifier. The display is required if you would like to access the pulse output programming. The display is highly recommend if an adjustment or tweaking is required for the flow measurement application. The display also permits the user to display flow rate and/or total in engineering units for liquids and gases. Rate and total are displayed simultaneously. If the density or enthalpy of the fluid is constant (i.e. the temperature and pressure do not change), the density value can be entered into the meter to display in kilograms, pounds or metric tons; the enthalpy value can be entered to display in BTUs, kilojoules, etc. Analog output span adjustment and low cutoff are also settable from the display, there is no need to adjust pots. The analog and pulse outputs can also be forced to output from 0 to 100% FS or 0 to 6000 Hz without any flow through the meter as a test of the amplifier. For steam flow measurement, the FV-500C can be used with the trodeks® FC-20 mass flow computer. The standard FV-500C is wafer-style to slip between 150# ANSI flanges, and comes supplied with extra long bolts for installation. Units with the suffix “-F” have 150# ANSI flanges, 300 lb flange mount is available.

Model No.
(Without Display Module)
Description Lay Length
FV-505C 1/2" wafer mount 70 (2.8) 2.8 (6)
FV-505C-F 1/2" flange mount 70 (2.8) 2.8 (6)
FV-510C 1" wafer mount 70 (2.8) 3.7 (8)
FV-510C-F 1" flange mount 70 (2.8) 3.7 (8)
FV-515C 1 1/2" wafer mount 70 (2.8) 4.3 (9.5)
FV-515C-F 1 1/2" flange mount 70 (2.8) 4.3 (9.5)
FV-520C 2" wafer mount 75 (3.0) 6 (14)
FV-520C-F 2" flange mount 75 (3.0) 6 (14)
FV-530C 3" wafer mount 100 (3.9) 9.4 (21)
FV-530C-F 3" flange mount 100 (3.9) 9.4 (21)
FV-540C 4" wafer mount 120 (4.7) 12.8 (28)
FV-540C-F 4" flange mount 120 (4.7) 12.8 (28)
FV-560C-F 6" flange mount 270 (10.6) 36.4 (80)
FV-580C-F 8" flange mount 310 (12.2) 55.4 (122)
FV-591C-F 10" flange mount 370 (14.6) 90 (199)
FV-592C-F 12" flange mount 400 (15.7) 140 (308)
Note: Units with “ -F” suffix have 150 class flange connections, 300 lb flange mount is available if needed.
For units with a display, add “-D” to the part number and $403 to the price.
For units with remote electronics, add “-R” to the part number, subtract $455 from the price, and order the mounting kit and cable below.
For units designed for high temperature use, add “-HT” to the model number and consult engineering for prices.

Please be prepared to complete the "Vortex/Pitot Tube Order Questionnaire" (Download in the Related Links Below) so you can fax or email it to Flow Engineering.
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