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OM7 Series
  • Isolated Signal Conditioners for aWide Range of Process Control Signals: Thermocouples, RTDs, mA, mV, V
  • Process Current (4-20 and 0-20 mA)Output Module
  • Powered mA Input Module IncludesIsolated +24 Vdc Power for a RemoteTransmitter
  • Bipolar Voltage Input and OutputModules
  • Operates From a Single +24 VdcPower Supply
  • Provides 1-5 V, 0-10 V, and±10 V Output Options
  • ±0.1% Max. Accuracy, FactoryCalibrated
  • 1500 V rms of CMV Isolation and120 V rms Field Wiring Protection
  • Compact, 54 x 42 x 14 mm (2.1" x 1.7" x 0.6" ) Plastic Housing
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The OM7 Series modular isolation-based, single channel plug-in signal conditioning system acceptsinputs from a wide range of process control transducers and signals while providing high-level output voltages.Featuring a maximum nonlinearity of 0.02% and factory calibrated to guarantee maximum accuracy of ±0.1%,the OM7 Series offers superior performance at a lower cost than multipurpose signal conditioners. Themodules provide 1500 V rms isolation and 120 V rms of field wiring input protection. The power suppliesnecessary to drive each individual module’s input circuitry are internally isolated, enabling the OM7modules to offer true channel-to-channel isolation of the input signals. The modules are rated for a nominalpower supply input of +24 Vdc and, for maximum flexibility, will accept supply voltages in the +14 Vdc to+35 Vdc range.

All modules are packaged in a compact 54 x 42 x 14 mm (2.1" x 1.7" x 0.6") durable plastic case thatreadily accommodates high channel density applications. Each module may be operated in highhumidity (noncondensing) environments and is rated over the extended -40 to 85°C industrial temperaturerange. All modules feature a simple pinout that allows them to be mixed and matched within a singlebackplane design. Furthermore, modules are easily serviced since they can be removed and inserted intothe backplane with power applied.

Modules are available to isolate and condition the following input signals and transducers: voltage,process current, RTD, 2-wire transmitter, and thermocouples. The 2-wire transmitter interfacemodule (OM7-35) accepts a 4-20 mA process input and provides an isolated +24 Vdc supply to power thecurrent loop. In this way, a loop-powered transmitter can be directly connected to the OM7-35 withoutrequiring a separate power supply. All of the isolated input modules, with the exception of the OM7-21,provide a high-level output voltage that is factory configured for either the 1-5 V or 0-10 V range. TheOM7-21 is a unity gain, isolated input module with an input/output range of ±10 V.

Modules are also available that provide isolated output signals for process current and bipolar voltage.The OM7-39 process current module converts either a 1-5 V signal to a 4-20 mA output or a 0-10 V input to a0-20 mA output. The input/output ranges of the OM7-39 are factory configured. The OM7-22 is a unity gainmodule that provides an isolated ±10 V output signal.

A full line of backplanes and rack-mount hardware complete the OM7 Series signal conditioning system.Each backplane contains screw terminals for field wiring connections and a miniature cold junctioncompensation (CJC) thermistor that is installed under the terminal blocks of each channel. Due to the pinoutof the OM7 Series modules, the CJC thermistor affects only the thermocouple modules. This flexibility permitsany module type to be used in any channel on the backplane.

The OM7 Series feature five isolated voltage/current input modules capable of addressinga wide variety of input voltage ranges and signal dynamics. The OM7-21 is a bipolar unitmodule featuring a full-scale range of ±10 V. The OM7-30 and OM7-31 accept dcinput voltages and provide either a factory configured 1-5 V or 0-10 V output signal.The OM7-32 accepts a 4-20 mA process current input signal and provides an outputvoltage signal in the 1-5 V range. The OM7-33 isolates a 1-5 V inputsignal and provides a buffered 1-5 V output signal. The OM7-32 andOM7-33 can also be factory configured to provide a 0-10 V output signal with a 0-20 mA or 0-5V input, respectively. Both the OM7-32 and OM7-33 have bandwidths of 100 Hz. The OM7-30 and OM7-31 are limited to 3 Hz bandwidth.

The OM7-37 and OM7-47 modules accept inputs from types J, K, T, E, R, S, and B thermocouples andprovide a 1-5 V or 0-10 V output signal. The OM7-47 also accepts inputs from type N thermocouples.Both the OM7-37 and OM7-47 have a nominal 3 dB bandwidth of 3 Hz, and they provide for upscale openinput detection within 10 sec.

In addition to the signal conditioning capabilities of the OM7-37, the OM7-47 includesan internal linearization circuit that compensates for the inherentnonlinearities of the thermocouple. With this linearizer, the OM7-47 isable to provide an output voltage that is linear with respect to theactual temperatures being measured by the thermocouple.

The thermocouple input modules accomplish CJC by means of an external thermistor mounted underthe field wiring screw terminal blocks of the backplane.

The OM7-34 module accepts inputs from 100. platinum and 120. nickel RTDs and produce an outputvoltage signal that is proportional with temperature measured by the RTD. The OM7-34 modules areavailable in a factory-configured 1-5 V or 0-10 V output range. Three-wire lead resistancecompensation is provided and 2- or 3-wire RTDs may be used. The OM7-34 RTD input module hasa nominal 3 dB bandwidth of 3 Hz and upscale open RTD detection with 10 sec.

The OM7-35 input module accepts a 4-20 mA process current input, provides a standard 1-5 V outputsignal, and features an isolated loop power supply for driving the current transmitter. The modulehas a nominal 3 dB bandwidth of 100 Hz and offers downscale open input detection within 2 sec.

The isolated transmitter loop power supply of the OM7-35 is unregulated and will provide avoltage that is proportional to the voltage used to power the OM7-35 module. The voltage provided bythe OM7-35 is between 13 V and 34 V for loop current between 4 mA and 20 mA and supply voltagesbetween 20.4 and 26.4 V. (For nominal +24 V supply, the OM7-35 will supply approximately +24 V tothe loop.)

The OM7-39 isolated output module accepts either a factory-configured 1-5 V or 0-10Vinput signal and provides an isolated 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA output current signal. The module candrive a wide range of resistive loads, depending upon +Vs, the supply voltage. At a nominal +Vs of+24 V, the OM7-39 will drive up to 850..

The OM7-22 is a unity-gain module with an input/output range of ±10 V. The OM7-22 has an input range of±10 V and provides an isolated bipolar ±10 V output signal to the field.The OM7-22 features 1500 V rms of CMV isolation, 100 dB minimum of common mode rejection, and a400 Hz bandwidth.

OM7 Specifications:
OM7 Common Input Module Specifications Common Mode Voltage: 1500 V rms continuous
Input Protection: 120 V rms continuous
Output Protection: Short to ground
Output Resistance: <1 ohm Common to All Modules
Operating Range: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Storage Range: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Humidity (24 hr): 90% non-condensing
WEIGHT: 60 G (0.2 OZ)

OM7 Series Input Module Specifications (typical @23°C and + 24 Vdc)
±10 V±1 mV
to ±1V
±1 V
to ±10 V
4-20 mA
0-20 mA
1-5 V
0-5 V
RTD4-20 mAT/C*T/C*
Output Range
into 2 k&trodeks; min load)
±10 V1-5 or
0-10 V
1-5 or
0-10 V
1-5 or
0-10 V
1-5 or
0-10 V
1-5 or
0-10 V
1-5 or
2-10 V
1-5 or
0-10 V
1-5 or
0-10 V
span max
span max
span max
span max
span max
See table±0.1%
span max
span max
See table
span max
span max
span max
span max
span max
See table±0.02%
span max
span max
Input Resistance2 M&trodeks;10 M&trodeks;100 k&trodeks;200 &trodeks;2 M&trodeks;N/AN/A10 M&trodeks;10 M&trodeks;
Input Bias Current3 nA1 nA0.2 nAN/A0.1 nAN/AN/A25 nA25 nA
Nominal 3 db Bandwidth300 Hz3 Hz3 Hz100 Hz100 Hz3 Hz100 Hz3 Hz3 Hz
Response Time, 0-90%1 msec150 msec150 msec10 msec10 msec250 msec5 msec150 msec150 msec
CJC Accuracy,
Ambient Temp.
+5 to 45°C
Supply Voltage19-29 VDC14-35 VDC14-35 VDC14-35 VDC14-35 VDC14-35 VDC18-3514-35 VDC14-35 VDC
Supply Current35 mA25 mA25 mA20 mA20 mA25 mA60 mA25 mA25 mA
* T/C is thermocouple

Output Module Specifications
Output Range±10 V0-20 mA
4-20 mA
Input Range±10 V0-10 V
1-5 V
Accuracy±0.1% Span±0.1% Span
Nonlinearity±0.02% Span±0.02% Span
Output Offset0.001% Span/0.0035% Span/C
Max. Output±14 Vdc30 Ma
Load Resistance*5 K.m min.0-850.
Nominal 3 db Bandwidth400 Hz100 Hz
Response Time, 0-90%1 ms3 ms
Common Mode Voltage1500 V rms1500 V rms
Supply Voltage19-29 Vdc14-35 Vdc
Supply Current20 mA max60 mA max
*Load resistance of OM7-39 dependent on power supply

OM7-34 Linearized RTD Input Module (@ +23°C ±5°C and Vs = +24Vdc)
Model Input Range Accuracy Nonlinearity
OM7-34-01-X-C -100 to +100°C ±0.15% ±0.05%
OM7-34-02-X-C 0 to +100°C ±0.2% ±0.05%
OM7-34-03-X-C 0 to +200°C ±0.15% ±0.05%
OM7-34-04-X-C 0 to +600°C ±0.1% ±0.05%
OM7-34-N-01-X-C 0 to +300°C ±0.3% ±0.012%
OM7-34-N-02-X-C 0 to +200°C ±0.3% ±0.14%
The X in the OM7-34 model number designations in the above table isused to identify the output voltage range option. If X=1, then the OM7-34is factory configured for a 1-5 V output; and if X=2, then the OM7-34 isfactory configured for a 0-10 V output. The Standard Range OM7-34s(i.e., OM7-34-01, OM7-34-02, OM7-34-03, OM7-34-04) are configuredfor a Platinum RTD with the DIN standard alpha of 0.00385.The OM7-34-N Series is configured for Nickel RTDs.

OM7-34 Linearized RTD Input Module (@ +23°C ±5°C and Vs = +24Vdc)
Model Input Range Accuracy1,2 (typical) Accuracy1 (max)
OM7-47-J-01-1-C 0 to +760°C 0.15% span 0.38% span
OM7-47-J-01-2-C 0 to +760°C 0.13% span 0.32% span
OM7-47-J-02-1-C -100 to +300°C 0.16% span 0.35% span
OM7-47-J-02-2-C -100 to +300°C 0.14% span 0.30% span
OM7-47-K-03-1-C 0 to +1300°C 0.15% span 0.35% span
OM7-47-K-03-2-C 0 to +1300°C 0.15% span 0.32% span
OM7-47-K-04-1-C 0 to +600°C 0.09% span 0.20% span
OM7-47-K-04-2-C 0 to +600°C 0.08% span 0.18% span
OM7-47-T-05-1-C 0 to +400°C 0.24% span 0.50% span
OM7-47-T-05-2-C 0 to +400°C 0.19% span 0.38% span
OM7-47-T-06-1-C -100 to +200°C 0.29% span 0.57% span
OM7-47-T-06-2-C -100 to +200°C 0.25% span 0.47% span
OM7-47-E-07-1-C 0 to +900°C 0.18% span 0.41% span
OM7-47-E-07-2-C 0 to +900°C 0.15% span 0.34% span
OM7-47-R-08-1-C +500 to +1750°C 0.15% span 0.36% span
OM7-47-R-08-2-C +500 to +1750°C 0.13% span 0.30% span
OM7-47-S-09-1-C +700 to +1750°C 0.13% span 0.31% span
OM7-47-S-09-2-C +700 to +1750°C 0.11% span 0.25% span
OM7-47-B-10-1-C +800 to +1800°C 0.19% span 0.41% span
OM7-47-B-10-2-C +800 to +1800°C 0.17% span 0.35% span
OM7-47-N-11-1-C +200 to +1300°C 0.14% span 0.31% span
OM7-47-N-11-2-C +200 to +1300°C 0.09% span 0.27% span
1) The CJC sensor accuracy should be added to themodule accuracy listed in this table in order to computethe overall measurement accuracy.
2) Accuracy includes the effects of repeatability,hysteresis, and conformity.

Millivolt Input - Unipolar
Model No. Input Range Output Range
OM7-30-01-1-C 0-10 mV 1-5 V
OM7-30-01-2-C 0-10 mV 0-10 V
OM7-30-02-1-C 0-100 mV 1-5 V
OM7-30-02-2-C 0-100 mV 0-10 V

Millivolt Input - Bipolar
Model No. Input Range Output Range
OM7-30-06-1-C ±10 mV 1-5 V
OM7-30-06-2-C ±10 mV 0-10 V
OM7-30-07-1-C ±100 mV 1-5 V
OM7-30-07-2-C ±100 mV 0-10 V

Voltage Input - Unipolar
Model No. Input Range Output Range
OM7-30-03-1-C 0-1 V 1- 5 V
OM7-30-03-2-C 0-1 V 0-10 V
OM7-31-04-1-C 0-5 V 1-5 V
OM7-31-04-2-C 0-5 V 0-l0 V
OM7-30-05-1-C 1-5 V 1-5 V
OM7-30-05-2-C 1-5 V 0-10 V
OM7-31-01-1-C 0-10 V 1-5 V
OM7-31-01-2-C 0-10 V 0-10 V

Voltage Input - Bipolar
Model No. Input Range Output Range
OM7-30-08-1-C ±1 V 1-5 V
OM7-30-08-2-C ±1 V 0-10 V
OM7-31-02-1-C ±5 V 1-5 V
OM7-31-02-2-C ±5 V 0-10 V
OM7-31-03-1-C ±10 V 1-5 V
OM7-31-03-2-C ±10 V 0-10 V
OM7-21-C ±10 V ±10 V

Process Voltage Inputs
Model No. Input Range Output Range
OM7-33-01-1-C 1-5 V 1-5 V
OM7-33-01-2-C 1-5 V 0-10V
OM7-33-02-1-C 0-5 V 1-5 V
OM7-33-02-2-C 0-5 V 0-10 V

Process Current Inputs
Model No. Input Range Output Range
OM7-32-01-1-C 4-20 mA 1-5 V
OM7-32-01-2-C 4-20 mA 0-10 V
OM7-32-02-1-C 0-20 mA 1-5V
OM7-32-02-2-C 0-20 mA 0-10V

Linearized Thermocouple
Model No. Input Range Output Range Thermocouple Type
OM7-47-J-01-1-C 0 to +760°C 1-5 V J
OM7-47-J-01-2-C 0 to +760°C 0-10 V J
OM7-47-J-02-1-C -100 to +300°C 1-5 V J
OM7-47-J-02-2-C -100 to +300°C 0-10 V J
OM7-47-K-03-1-C 0 to +1300°C 1-5 V K
OM7-47-K-03-2-C 0 to +1300°C 0-10 V K
OM7-47-K-04-1-C 0 to +600°C 1-5 V K
OM7-47-K-04-2-C 0 to +600°C 0-10 V K
OM7-47-T-05-1-C 0 to +400°C 1-5 V T
OM7-47-T-05-2-C 0 to +400°C 0-10 V T
OM7-47-T-06-1-C -100 to +200°C 1-5 V T
OM7-47-T-06-2-C -100 to +200°C 0-10 V T
OM7-47-E-07-1-C 0 to +900°C 1-5 V E
OM7-47-E-07-2-C 0 to +900°C 0-10 V E
OM7-47-R-08-1-C +500 to +1750°C 1-5 V R
OM7-47-R-08-2-C +500 to +1750°C 0-10 V R
OM7-47-S-09-1-C +700 to +1750°C 1-5 V S
OM7-47-S-09-2-C +700 to +1750°C 0-10 V S
OM7-47-B-10-1-C +800 to +1800°C 1-5 V B
OM7-47-B-10-2-C +800 to +1800°C 0-10 V B
OM7-47-N-11-1-C +200 to +1300°C 1-5 V N
OM7-47-N-11-2-C +200 to +1300°C 0-10 V N

RTD Inputs (Linearized 100. Pt 2-Wire or 3-Wire, Alpha = 0.00385)
Model No. Input Range Output Range
OM7-34-01-1-C -100 to +100°C 1-5 V
OM7-34-01-2-C -100 to +100°C 0-10 V
OM7-34-02-1-C 0 to +100°C 1-5 V
OM7-34-02-2-C 0 to +100°C 0-10 V
OM7-34-03 -1-C 0 to + 200°C 1-5 V
OM7-34-03-2-C 0 to +200°C 0- 10 V
OM7-34-04-1-C 0 to +600°C 1-5 V
OM7-34-04-2-C 0 to +600°C 0- 10 V
OM7-34-05-1-C -50 to +350°C 1-5 V
OM7-34-05-2-C -50 to +350°C 0-10 V

RTD Inputs (Linearized 120 . Ni 2-Wire or 3-Wire)
Model No. Input Range Output Range
OM7-34-N-01-1-C 0 to +300°C 1-5 V
OM7-34-N-01-2-C 0 to +300°C 0-10 V
OM7-34-N-02-1-C 0 to +200°C 1-5 V
OM7-34-N-02-2-C 0 to +200°C 0-10 V

Non-Linearized Thermocouple
Model No. Input Range Output Range Thermocouple Type
OM7-37-J-01- 1-C -100 to +760°C 1-5 V J
OM7-37-J-01-2-C -100 to +760°C 0-10 V J
OM7-37-J-10-1-C 0 to +200°C 1-5 V J
OM7-37-J-10-2-C 0 to +200°C 0-10 V J
OM7-37-J-11-1-C 0 to +400°C 1- 5 V J
OM7-37-J-11-2-C 0 to +400°C 0-10 V J
OM7-37-J-12-1-C 0 to +600°C 1-5 V J
OM7-37-J-12-2-C 0 to +600°C 0-10 V J
OM7-37-J- 13-1-C +300 to +600°C 1-5 V J
OM7-37-J-13-2-C +300 to +600°C 0-10 V J
OM7-37-K-02-1-C -100 to +1350°C 1-5 V K
OM7-37-K-02-2-C -100 to +1350°C 0-10 V K
OM7-37-K-20-1-C 0 to +300°C 1-5 V K
OM7-37-K-20-2-C 0 to +300°C 0-10 V K
OM7-37-K-21-1-C 0 to +600°C 1-5 V K
OM7-37-K-21-2-C 0 to +600°C 0-10 V K
OM7-37-K-22-1-C 0 to +1200°C 1-5 V K
OM7-37-K-22-2-C 0 to +1200°C 0-10 V K
OM7-37-K-23-1-C +600 to +1200°C 1-5 V K
OM7-37-K-23-2-C +600 to +1200°C 0-10 V K
OM7-37-T-03-1-C -100 to +400°C 1-5 V T
OM7-37-T-03-2-C -100 to +400°C 0-10 V T
OM7-37-E-04-1-C 0 to +900°C 1- 5 V E
OM7-37-E-04-2-C 0 to +900°C 0-10 V E
OM7-37-R-05-1-C 0 to +1750°C 1-5 V R
OM7-37-R-05-2-C 0 to +1750°C 0-10 V R
OM7-37-S-06-1-C 0 to +1750°C 1-5 V S
OM7-37-S-06-2-C 0 to +1750°C 0-10 V S
OM7-37-B-07-1-C 0 to +1800°C 1-5 V B
OM7-37-B-07-2-C 0 to +1800°C 0-10 V B

2-Wire Transmitter Inputs with Loop Power (with Sense Resistor)
Model No. Input Range Output Range
OM7-35-01-1-C 4-20 mA 1 -5 V
OM7-35-01-2-C 4-20 mA 0-10 V

Output Modules
Model No. Input Range Output Range
OM7-22-C ±10 V ±10 V
OM7-39-01-C 1-5 V 4-20 mA
OM7-39-02-C 0-10 V 0-20 mA

Model No. Description
OM7-BP-1-C 1 Channel backplane
OM7-BP-1-DIN-C 1 Channel backplane DIN Rail
OM7-BP-2-C 2 Channel backplane
OM7-BP-2-DIN-C 2 Channel backplane DIN Rail
OM7-BP-4-C 4 Channel backplane
OM7-BP-4-DIN-C 4 Channel backplane DIN Rail
OM7-BP-8-C 8 Channel backplane
OM7-BP-8-DIN-C 8 Channel backplane DIN Rail
OM7-BP-16-C 16 Channel backplane
OM7-BP-16-DIN- 16 Channel backplane DIN Rail
RAIL-35-2 35mm Din Rail, 2 Meter Length

Model No. Description
OM7-CA-01 6" cable (25-pin, D-type connector to 26-pin male header connector) converts OM7 backplane connector to an OM5 backplane connector pin out
OM7-CA-02 3-foot cable (25 pin, D-type connector on both ends)

Model No. Description
U24Y175 Power supply (105-125/210-250 VAC input, 24 VDC @ 175 mA output
OM7-PROTO OM7 Breadboard kit
OM7-BP-EV 1 Channel evaluation
OM7-IF Universal interface board
OM7-RK002 19” rack for mounting backplane
OM7-RI 250ohm current conversion resistor
OM7-DIN-SF DIN Base element with snap foot
OM7-DIN-WSF DIN Side element without snap foot
OM7-DIN-SE DIN Side elements
OM7-DIN-CP DIN Connector pins

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