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  • The series is an compact 2-wire series ultrasonic level meter for continuous non-contact level measurement in liquids and solids.
  •  Level or Distance mode
  •  4-20 mA, 2 wire output
  •  Continuous non-contact level measurement with compact version
  •  LC Display
  •  Exproof  version
  •  All metal outer cover ( IP67 ), airproof and alkali-resisting
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Product Description
TRTL-TZ Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
TRTL-TZ is the collection of ultrasonic,electronics, software in one of the high-tech products, being domestic self-developed instrument, all kinds of industrial field measurement level and material level’s instrument of choice. TRTL-TZ  series ultrasonic level meter’s the indicators have reached international advanced level of similar products, can fully replace imported ultrasonic level meter.It can not only fixed point and measure continuely, but also can provide the necessary telemetry, or remote control signal. Compared with radioactive level measuring technology, ultrasonic technology does not need protection; compared with the laser ranging technology, it has the advantages of simple and economic, at the same time ultrasound generally do not need the moving parts, so installation and maintenance will be more convenient.
Widely used in;
petroleum, mining, power plants, chemical plants, water treatment plants, waste water  treatment plants, agricultural water, environmental monitoring, food, brewing, beverage, additives, edible oils, dairy products), flood control, flood prevention, hydrologic monitoring, open channel, space location and many other industries.
Working Principle:
Ultrasonic level meter is  installed in the upper container under the control of the electronic unit, its probe  launch a bunch of ultrasonic pulse to the object tested. Sound waves is reflected by an object’s surface, part of the echo is received by the probe and converted into electrical signals. From ultrasonic’s launch to be accepted, the time and distance from the probe to the tested object is proportional。Electronic unit test the time and according to the known velocity to calculate the distance being measured.Through the subtraction operation, level values are gaine.
Since the speed of sound is affected by air temperature, TRTL-TZ  Ultrasonic level transmitters  include a built-in temperature sensor. Level or distance measurements are automatically temperature compensated throughout the operating temperature range of the TRTL-TZ.
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