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Humidity and Temperature Data Logger- Part of the NOMAD® Family
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
  • 1 Second Reading Rate
  • Multiple Start/Stop Function
  • Ultra High Speed Download
  • Memory: 1,000,000 Readings
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • Optional Password Protection
  • Programmable High and Low Alarms
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The OM-CP-RHTEMP101A is part of a new series of low cost, state-ofthe-art data logging devices.The OM-CP-RHTEMP101A offers a 10 year battery life, a 1 second reading rate, a multiple start/stopfunction, ultra-high speed downloadcapability, 500,000 reading storagecapacity, optional memory wrap,precision RTD sensing element,battery life indicator, optionalpassword protection, programmablehigh-low alarms and more.

Using the software, starting,stopping and downloading from theOM-CP-RHTEMP101A is simpleand easy. Graphical, tabular andsummary data is provided foranalysis and data can be viewed in°C, °F, K,
°R, %RH, mg/ml watervapor concentration and dew point.The data can also be automaticallyexported to Excel® for furthercalculations.

The OM-CP-RHTEMP101Amajor leap forward in both size andperformance. Its real time clockensures that all data is time anddate stamped.The storage medium is non-volatilesolid state memory, providingmaximum data security even ifthe battery becomes discharged.Its small size allows it to fit almost anywhere.Data retrieval is simple. Plug it intoan available USB port and the easyto use Windows software does therest. The software converts your PCinto a real time strip chart recorder.Data can be printed in tabularformat and can also be exportedto a text or Microsoft Excel file.

The OM-CP-RHTEMP101Adesigned with our customers inmind. There are free firmwareupgrades for the life of the productso that data loggers alreadydeployed in the field can grow withnew technological developments.Units do not need to be returnedto the factory for upgrades. Theuser can do this automaticallyfrom any PC.

Temperature Sensor:
Precision RTD Element
Temperature Range: -40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F)
Temperature Resolution: 0.01°C (0.018°F)
Calibrated Accuracy: ±0.5°C (0.9°F)
Humidity Sensor: Internal semi-conductor
Humidity Range: 0 to 95% RH
Humidity Resolution: 0.1% RH
Calibrated Accuracy: ±3.0% RH,±2% RH typical @ 25°C (77°F)
Specified Accuracy Range:10 to 40ºC (50 to 104ºF); 10 to 80% RH
Reading Rate: 1 reading everysecond to 1 every 24 hours
Memory: 1,000,000 readings; software configurable memory wrap; 500,000 readings
in multiplestart/stop mode
Memory Wrap Around: Yes (software selectable)
Start Modes:
Immediate start
Delay start up to 18 months
Multiple pushbutton start/stop
Stop Modes:
Manual through software
Timed (specific date and time)
Multiple Start/Stop Mode: Start and stop the device multiple times without having
to download data orcommunicate with a PC
Multiple Start/Stop Mode Activation:
  To Start the Device: Press and hold the pushbutton for 5 seconds,
  the green light will flash during this time. The device has started logging.
  To Stop the Device:
  Press and hold the pushbutton for 5 seconds, the red light will flashduring this time.
  The device has stopped logging.
Real Time Recording: The devicemay be used with PC to monitor and record data in real-time
Alarm: Programmable high and low limits; alarm is activatedwhen humidity reaches or exceeds set limits
LED Functionality:
  Green LED Blinks: 10 secondrate to indicate logging; 15 secondrate to indicate delay start mode
  Red LED Blinks: 10 second rateto indicate low battery and/or fullmemory; 1 second rate to indicate  an alarm condition
Password Protection: An optionalpassword may be programmed intothe device to restrict access toconfiguration options. Data may beread out without the password
Calibration: Digital calibration through software
Calibration Date: Automatically recorded within device
Battery Type: 3.6V lithium batteryincluded; user replaceable
Battery Life: 10 years typical, dependent upon frequencyand duty cycle
Data Format: Date and time stamped ºC, ºF, K, ºR; %RH,mg/ml water vapor concentration, dew point
Time Accuracy: ±1 minute/month at 20ºC (68ºF), stand alone datalogging
Computer Interface: USB (interface cable required);115,200 baud
Software: XP SP3/Vista/7 and 8 (32 and 64-bit)
Operating Environment: -40 to 80ºC (-40 to 176ºF),0 to 95% RH non-condensing
Dimensions: 36 L x 56 W x 16 mm D(1.4 x 2.2 x 0.6")
Weight: 24 g (0.9 oz)
Material: ABS plastic
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