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General Purpose AC Motors- 56C Flange- Single Phase- Fractional and Integral HP
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
OMT Series
  • Rolled Steel AC Motors: 0.33 to 2 HP
  • NEMA 56C Frame
  • NEMA design B
  • 115/208 to 230 Volt
  • TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
  • Single-Phase
  • Class F Insulation
  • Premium-Grade Quality
  • 1.15 Service Factor
  • Electrically Reversible
  • Heavy gauge bolt-on, bolt-off NEMA 56-frame removable base
  • Motor slide base for adjustable mounting
  • Replacement start/run capacitors available
  • 2-Year Warranty
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trodeks general purpose AC motorsare made by one of the leading motormanufacturers for over 45 years, a world-classaccredited supplier with a long historyof quality testing procedures and standardsperformed by the finest independent testinglaboratories in the world. Our motors are made in high quality ISO9001-certifiedfacilities using only the highest qualitymaterial and manufacturing processes.All motors are electrically tested in subassemblyproduction and again after finalassembly, and come with an ironclad 2-year warranty.

Features and Benefits of AC Motors from trodeks
Following are a few of the many reasons why our AC motors provide the best combination of quality and performance at the lowest prices.

BEARINGS There are no sleeve bearings in our entire line of general purpose motors. We use nothing but heavy-duty oversized ball bearings on both the DE (drive end) and the ODE (opposite drive end). It is exactly for this reason that we can mount our motors in the "shaft up" or "shaft down" position with no derating. A shaft slinger keeps moisture and contaminants from the drive end bearing. And all of our AC motors have a high tensile strength steel shaft.

WINDINGS / INSULATION All of our motors have copper windings and are manufactured with Class F insulation.

END BELLS AND FAN COVERS All our end bells are heavy duty burnished (polished) aluminum. Our fan covers are steel, not plastic.

JUNCTION BOXES Our large, easy-to-wire junction boxes have rubber dust curtains designed to keep foreign particles from entry. These covers are designed to come apart at an angle to permit ease of wiring. Most motors are convertible F1 to F2 and all are rotatable at 90 degree intervals. Conduit holes are provided per NPT standards.

MOTOR LEADS All of our leads are both color coded and numbered per NEMA MG1 Standards.

CAPACITOR COVERS Each motor comes equipped with a large steel capacitor cover with a protective rubber gasket and oversized capacitors. The oversized start capacitor gives the motor a much higher starting torque and voltage range.

NAMEPLATES Nameplates are said to be the "Window Of Quality" of a motor. Our AC motor nameplates are stainless steel to reduce corrosion and laser etched to provide permanent markings, andinclude an easy-to-read wiring diagram.

PAINT We use an electrostatically applied, rust proof and scratch resistant paint. The paint almost seems to become part of the steel enclosure itself.

CERTIFICATION Our motors are CCSAUS Certified. Note the US stamp. It means that our motor has not only passed the Canadian Standard Association requirements, but also the USA's UL and ANSI standards, thus giving them the highest certification standards you can have for North America. Our certifications also include CE and of course ISO9001.

WARRANTY Our warranty matches the motors quality in that it leads the industry in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. All of our AC motors have an ironclad two-year warranty and it is a nameplate-only warranty. That is to say, the customer sends us the nameplate and we send him a new motor. No paperwork - no delay - no waiting for credit based on a factory inspection - and no questions asked! Simply call our customer service department to obtain an AR number for the nameplate return.

NOTE: These motors cannot be used with VFD speed controls. They run at 1 speed only.

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