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PID Control Modules - Single and Dual loop PID Temperature Control
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CS Series - Process Control Modules
  • Single- and Dual-Loop Models Available
  • Temperature, Strain Gage, and Process PID Controllers
  • Analog and Digital I/O Models
  • Ideal for Data-Acquisition Applications
  • Auto Addressing Minimizes Configuration Time
  • Can be Used in Conjunction With any CS Series Master Controller (CSMSTRGT, CSMSTRSX, CSMSTRLE, CSMSTRV2)
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Model CSPID / CSPID2 Single and Dual Loop PID Control Modules
  • Performs Heat (Reverse),Cool (Direct), or Heat/Cool(Reverse/Direct)
  • Universal Inputs Accept B, C, E,J, K, R, N, S, and T TypeThermocouples, 100 Ω 385/392and 120 Ω 672 Type RTDs (2- or 3-wire),0 to 10V and 0/4 to 20mA Signals
  • Hot-Swappable ReplacementReduces Downtime
  • Auto Addressing MinimizesConfiguration Time
  • Fully Isolated Design ProvidesReliable Operation
  • PID Control with Reduced Overshoot
  • On-Demand Auto-Tuning ofPID Settings
  • Discrete Outputs Available inRelay, Triac, or Solid State (NFET)
  • DC Analog Output(Optional, CSPID1 Only)
  • Heater Current Input (Optional)Ensures Detection of HeaterCircuit Failure
Model CSTC8 / CSRTD6 Dedicated High-Density Temperature Input Modules
  • Models Available forThermocouple or RTD Inputs
  • Unused inputs can be disabled toincrease overall reading rate
  • Programmable slope and offsetcorrection to remove sensor error
  • Ideal for Data-AcquisitionApplications
  • Auto Addressing MinimizesConfiguration Time
  • Can be Used in ConjunctionWith Any CS Series Modules
Model CSINI8/CSINV8/CSINI8L/CSINV8L Dedicated High-Density Analog Input Modules
  • Accept up to Eight ±10V or0/4 to 20 mA Inputs per Module
  • "L" Series Modules Offer100 Linearization Points per Input
  • Unused Inputs Can be Disabledto Increase Overall Reading Rate
  • Ideal for Data-AcquisitionApplications
  • Auto Addressing MinimizesConfiguration Time
  • Can be Used in ConjunctionWith any CS Series Modules
Model CSDIO14 Digital I/O Module with Logic Engine
  • 8 Input / 6 Output Digital Module
  • Inputs Isolated From Outputs
  • Inputs Independently SwitchSelectable for Sink or SourceSignals
  • Inputs IndependentlyConfigurable for High or LowActive State
  • Inputs Independently SwitchSelectable for High or LowFrequency Signals
  • Relay or NFET Output ModelsAvailable
  • Can be Used in ConjunctionWith any CS Series Modules
Model CSSG Strain Gage PID Control Module
  • Performs Reverse, Direct,or Reverse/Direct Control
  • Input Accepts 20mV, 33mV,or 200mV Strain Gage Signals
  • Secondary Input for Calculationof Difference, Sum, Average, etc.
  • Selectable 5 or 10V Excitation
  • Three Alarm Outputs per Module
  • Fully Isolated Design ProvidesReliable Operation
  • PID Control With ReducedOvershoot
  • On Demand Auto-Tuning of PIDSettings
  • Discrete Outputs Available inRelay or Solid State (NFET)
  • DC Analog Output Optional
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