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Comet Series
  • Industry Standard 18 mm Diameter Threaded Body has Flat Sides Allowing it to be Mounted Like a Tubular Sensor or Against any Flat Surface
  • Visible Sensing Beams let you See Where the Beam is Aimed for Quick Setup and Alignment
  • 4-Wire DC Sensors Offer Both NPN and PNP Outputs
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The Cutler-Hammer® Comet Series is acomplete line of high performance, 18 mmtubular sensors with a variety of models andmodes to solve virtually any sensing problem.The sensors are available in thrubeam,reflex,polarized reflex, diffuse reflective, focuseddiffuse reflective, wide angle diffuse reflective,Perfect Prox®, fine spot Perfect Prox and fiberoptic sensing.

Perfect Prox is one of the most powerfulproblem-solving sensors available. Thesesensors can reliably detect targets of differentcolor, reflectance, contrast or surface shapeat the same range, while ignoring backgroundobjects just a fraction of an inch away.

The Comet Series includes AC/DC andDC-only models with, 3- and 4-wire circuitry.Choose from cable or microconnector.

Each sensor features a light/dark operationswitch and a gain control to provide forquick adjustment to peak opticalperformance. The unique threaded body withflat sides allows quick mounting in a 3.4" holeor against any flat surface. Internalcomponents are rigidly sealed in a solidencapsulated package for excellentperformance in high vibration and highshockapplications.

Input Voltage AC/DC Models:
    AC Operation: 20 to 264 Vac, 50/60 Hz
    DC Operation: 15 to 30 Vdc [15 to 24 Vdc above 155°C (31°F)]
Input Voltage DC-Only Models: 10 to 30 Vdc, [10 to 24 Vdc above 55°C (131°F)]
Power Dissipation:
    AC/DC Models: 1.5 W maximum
    DC-Only Models: 1 W maximum
Output Type:
    AC/DC Models–AC Operation: VMOS (bi-directional)
    AC/DC Models–DC Operation: NPN (sink)
    DC Only Models: NPN and PNP (dual outputs)
Current Switching:
    AC/DC Models: 300 mA max
    DC Only Models:
        PNP: 100 mA max
        NPN: 250 mA maximum [NPN: 120 mA maximum above 55°C (131°F)]
Voltage Switching:
    AC/DC Models: 375V peak maximum
    DC Only Models: 30 Vdc maximum
Off-State Leakage:
    AC/DC Models: 250 µA typical; 500 µA maximum
    DC Only Models: 10 µA maximum
Surge Current:
    AC/DC Models: 2 A maximum
    DC Only Models: 1 A maximum
    On-State Voltage Drop:
    AC/DC Models – AC Operation: n/a
    AC/DC Models – DC Operation: 1.8V at 10 mA; 3.5V at 300 mA
DC Only Models:
    NPN: 400 mV at 10 mA, 1.5V at 250 mA;
    PNP: 2.4V at 100 mA
Response Time:
    AC/DC Models: 10 mS
    DC Only Models: 1 mS; 3.5 mS (thru-beam)
Short Circuit Protection:
    AC/DC Models: Sensor will turn off immediately when short or overload is detected (Indicator LED flashes). Turn power OFF and back ON to reset.
    IMPORTANT: During installation, correct power connections must be made first to ensure fail-safe short circuit protection of outputs. DC–Only Models: Sensor will turn off immediately when short or overload is detected (indicator LED flashes). Sensor will reset when short is removed.
Temperature Range:
    Thru-Beam Source: -20 to 70° C (-4 to 158°F)
    All Others: -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)
Light/Dark Operation: Switch selectable
Enclosure Material: Lens: polycarbonate;
Cable jacket: PVC; Body: structural polyurethane foam (do not expose to concentrated acids, alcohols or ketones)
    Cable Versions: 6' cable
    Connector Versions: Male mini and micro connectors (refer to wiring diagrams for number of pins per model) on nominal 8" pigtails
Vibration and Shock:
    Vibration: 30g over 10 Hz to 2 kHz
    Shock: 100g for 3 mS 1.2 sine wave pulse
Indicator LED: Lights steady when output is ON; flashes when short circuit protection is in latch condition
Sunlight Immunity:
    Perfect Prox: 5000 foot-candles
    All Others: 10,000 foot-candles
Enclosure Ratings: NEMA 1, 2, 3, 4, 4X,6, 12 and 13 NEMA 6P models factory
Approvals: UL and C-UL recognized (all models), CE compliant
Note: These products conform to NEMAtests as indicated, however, some severewashdown applications can exceed theseNEMA test specifications.

Separate light source and detector units faceone another across an area. The column oflight traveling in a straight line between thetwo lenses is the effective sensing beam. Anobject crossing the path has to completelyblock the beam to be detected.
Polarized ReflexThe source and detector are positionedparallel to each other on the same side of theobject to be detected. Another element,called a retroreflector, is placed across fromthe source and detector. The sensing beamis reflected from a retroreflector back to thesensor. The Comet Series includes polarizedmodels with 3-wire and 4-wire circuits.Right-angle models are also available.Models feature a polarizing filter built intothe sensor to ensure that only light reflectedfrom a corner-cube retrore-flector isrecognized by the sensor. This allowsreliable detection of shiny targets that couldreflect light and be missed by a nonpolarizedsensor. Most models include avisible sensing beam for easy installationand alignment.
Diffuse ReflectiveThe source and detector are positioned onthe same side of the target. The twocomponents are aligned so that their fieldsof view cross. When the target moves intothe area, light from the source is reflected offthe target surface back to the detector. Aretroreflector is not required. Forward andright-angle viewing configurations offeridentical optical performance in this series.
Perfect Prox®This is a unique type of diffuse reflectivesensor that combines extremely highsensing power (called “excess gain”) with asharp optical cutoff to ignore backgrounds.This allows the sensor to reliably detecttargets regardless of variations in color,reflectance, contrast or surface shape, whileignoring objects that are just slightly outsidethe target range. This gives the Perfect Prox®an outstanding ability to solve sensingapplications that would be difficult orimpossible to manage with other types ofsensors. It also makes Perfect Prox® one ofthe easiest photoelectric sensors to set upand use.
Eaton’s Comet Series includes morebackground rejection models than any otherfamily on the market. Choose from forwardor right-angle viewing, 3- or 4-wire circuits,cable, micro or mini-connector terminationsand a variety of sensing ranges.
Fiber OpticThe Comet Series also includes sensors thatutilize fiber optic cables to sense objectswhere space is restricted, temperatures arehigh, or tight viewing angles are required.Choose from models that accept low costplastic fiber optic cables, or use our patentedglass fiber optic adapter that inexpensivelyconverts our standard diffuse reflectivesensors for use with durable glass fiber opticcables.
MountingComet Series sensors feature a threadedhousing and include two jam nuts andwashers for mounting into any19 mm (0.75") hole or a selection ofaccessory mounting brackets available fromEaton. The flat sides of the sensor featuretwo mounting holes for easily attaching thesensor to any flat surface with #4 hardware.
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