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Thin Film RTD Elements
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F3105, W2100, W2200, F3100, WS81
  • Overall Temperature Range -70 to 600°C
  • F3100 Series Flat Class A
  • W2100 Series Cylindrical
  • This Family of Elements Consists of Platinum 100, 200, 400, 500, 1000 and 2000 Ohm RTD's
  • Configurations of Single and Dual Element RTD's
  • European (385) Curve Elements
  • 10 mm OR 15 mm Lead Lengths are Standard
  • Extension Lead Wires Available for 2, 3, or 4 Lead Applications
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trodeks introduces the trodeksFILM® platinum RTD element—an element achieved by employing construction techniques similar to those used to manufacture miniature electronic integrated circuits. The result: a precision element available in sizes considerably smaller than the head of a match. All this in a rugged, accurate, ceramic encased package! Best of all, trodeksFILM® elements are calibrated to the worldwide accepted DIN 43760 curve (alpha=0.00385), allowing use with standard off-the-shelf instrumentation available from trodeks and others, both in the United States and abroad.

Accuracy and Specifications:
trodeksFILM® platinum RTD’s are calibrated to the internationally accepted DIN 43760 curve (alpha=0.00385) and meet 0.1% DIN standard tolerance. When you use these tables, please note that the specific operating ranges for elements vary and are listed on their specifications pages.

Applications: Because of their small size and thin, flat packaging, trodeksFILM® sensorsgreatly extend the field of RTD applications. Series W RTD elements are thin film encased in a cylindrical ceramic package. Series W single cylindrical RTD elements (such as the W2103) lend themselves to encapsulation in short 1/8" O.D. protection tubes or shallow holes bored in a metal casing . Series W dual RTD elements ( such as the W2202) consist of 2 separate 2 wire thin film RTD elements in a cylindrical ceramic 4 wire package.Series F (such as F3101) are thin film 2 wire RTD elements on a flat ceramic base. These may be taped, cemented or embedded. To obtain accurate representative measurements, good thermal contact between the surface and the element is important. For temporary installations, a compatibletemperature-rated heat- conductive compound, such as a heat sink grease can be used.

Series 15 mm Lead Length Dimensions in Millimeters
(1 mm = 0.03937")
Model No.                     Nominal
Single or
W W2102
1    x    100 
1    x    200 
1    x    400 
1    x    500 
1    x    1000
1    x    2000
-50 to 600°C
(-58 to 1112°F)
W W2202
2    x    100 
2    x    200 
2    x    400 
2    x    500 
2    x    1000
W W2103 1    x    100
W2204 2    x    100
WS WS81 1    x    100 -50 to 850°C
(-60 to 1560°F)

Series 10 mm Lead Length Dimensions in Millimeters
(1 mm = 0.03937")
Model No.                     Nominal
Single or
F F3101


1     x     100 

1     x     500 

1     x     1000
Max range:
-50 to 500°C
(-58 to 932°F)
Class A
applies to
-30 to 300°C
(-22 to 572°F)
F F3102

1     x     100 

1     x     500 
F F3142 1     x     1000
F F3105

1     x     100 

1     x     1000 
F F3107 1     x     100
Note on Assembling trodeks "F" Series RTD Elements to Extension Wires:These RTD elements are made with platinum coated nickel lead wires. Since platinum does not easily wet with most soft solders, we advise that they be spot welded or silver soldered to extension wires when required.
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