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Fast Response RTD Sensor With Copper Tip and Circular Connector- Vibration Tested
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PR-25CU Series
  • Element Located Inside Copper Alloy Tip for Improved Thermal Response
  • 316L Stainless Steel Sheath and Housing
  • Can be Used for Measuring Bearing Temperature, in Thermowells, and As-Is
  • Operating Temperature Sensor: -50 to 250ºC (-58 to 482ºF)
    Connector: -50 to 85°C (-58 to 185°F)
  • Vibration Tested to ASTM-E1137: 3Gs from 5 to 500 Hz
  • Response Time (Typical): 4 Seconds for 63.2%, 3.25 Seconds for 50%,
    7.5 Seconds for 90% [Water at 0.91 m (3')/second]
  • PR-25CUA Non-Threaded Version can be Used With Our M12-Handle for Hand-Held Use
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Our PR-25CU Copper Tipped RTD Probe combines the ease of use and robustness of our PR-21 RTD and adds a copper tip for improved response time. When trying to measure the temperature of objects like bearings and motors where contact is limited, the copper tip provides improved sensitivity. In thermowells where the contact between the sensor and thermowell bore is limited, copper tipped sensors can provide improved response and accuracy over standard immersion probes.

The ¼” diameter PR-25CU RTD has a response time of approximately 3.25 seconds for 50% response, 4 seconds for 63.2% response and 7.5 seconds for 90% response in water flowing at 3 feet per second. The 63.2% response time is approximately 33% faster than our standard PR-21 M12 Style Immersion RTD, and less than ½ the response time of our High Temperature PR-26 M12 Immersion RTD.

For ease of mounting, the PR-25CU is available with the following mounting thread options:
  • 1/2NPT
  • 3/8NPT
  • 1/4NPT
  • M8x1
  • M10x1
  • G1/2 BSPP
  • G1/4 BSPP
  • Non-Threaded Housing

  • The mounting thread options above allow the probes to be used in a wide variety of applications, including:
  • As stand-alone immersion sensors.
  • Installed directly into your product or process using an NPT threaded port.
  • The non-threaded design can be combined with our M12-Handle accessory to convert it for hand-held sensing applications.
  • Other applications using a variety of available compression fittings or other accessories.

  • The PR-25CU, like all of our M12 enabled probes, comes standard with a 4-wire, 4-pin, M12 A-Coded plug connector for easy assembly to extension cables. This allows it to be used in any 2, 3 or 4-wire measurement system for maximum flexibility.

    When ordering your PR-25CU sensor, don't forget your extension cable. trodeks offers a wide selection of extension cables including over molded PVC, Polyurethane and Silicone cables, as well as customized cables in a variety of materials with optional stainless steel braid or hose for improved mechanical protection, and a wide selection of instrument connections.

    Connect your PR-25CU RTD sensor to one or more of trodeks's wide variety of in-stock controllers, data loggers, transmitters, hand held thermometers, PLCs, or other measurement & control products to complete your measurement or control system. trodeks offers a selection of programmable and fixed range transmitters that can be connected directly to the M12 connection of your PR-25CU sensor. There are also wireless transmitter options available.

  • Metal Parts: 316L Stainless Steel Sheath and Housing, Copper Plug at Tip.
  • Connector: 4-Pin "A"-Coded M12 Plug Connector
  • Standard Mounting Threads: 1/2NPT, 3/8NPT, 1/4NPT, M8x1, M10x1, G1/2 BSPP , G1/4 BSPP and Non-Threaded
  • Standard Probe Diameter: 1/4" and 6mm
  • Standard Probe Lengths: 6" and 150mm
  • Sensor: Pt100 (100 Ohms at 0°C, .00385 TCR (alpha)) per IEC 60751
  • Accuracy: Class A per IEC 60751
  • Temperature Range: -50 to 250°C Except for the Connector Which is 85°C Max
  • Insulation Resistance: 100 Megohms Minimum at 100VDC at Room Ambient

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