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iDRN/iDRX Series
  • Models Available for: Thermocouple RTD Process Voltage & Current Strain Frequency/Pulse AC Voltage and Current
  • Free Active X Controls
  • Analog or Digital Outputs
  • Up to 1800 Vdc Isolation
  • iDRN Series Provide 0-10 Vdc, 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA Output
  • iDRX Series Provide RS-485 Output (ASCII Serial Protocol and MODBUS Serial Protocol)
  • Free Setup and Configuration Software
  • Factory Configuration Available at No Charge (for iDRN Analog Output Models)
  • OPC Server Available for Compatibility with Most Industrial Automation Software.
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The iD Series signal conditioners combine the accuracy of laboratory instrumentation with the performance required by demanding industrial applications. The iD Series signal conditioners are ideal for those applications in Data Acquisition, Test & Measurement, Process Control, and Industrial Automation where accuracy, performance, and reliability are critically important. The iD Series signal conditioners mount on a 35mm DIN rail, and operate on any voltage between 10-32 DC power. (A matching 24 Vdc 850 mA switching power supply is also available.) The devices feature three-way isolation of up to 1800 V between the signal inputs, outputs, and power supply.

The iD series feature seven (7) models designedfor each of the most widelymeasured signal inputs: Process(DC) Voltage and Current; StrainGage; Thermocouples; RTD's; AC Voltage; ACCurrent; Frequency/Pulse. TheiD series devices are designed towork directly with a variety of sensorsand transducers; no other componentsare necessary. For sensorssuch as RTD's, straingages, and some processtransducers, precise stableexcitation is provided directly fromthe iD module.

The iD series are available with twodifferent types of signal outputs:Analog or Digital. The iDRN seriesprovides a totally scalable analogoutput in DC voltage or current.The iDRX series provide a digitalRS-485 output. Both iD Seriessignal conditioners are intelligentmicroprocessor based instrumentsthat can be scaled and programmedby computer via serialcommunications, or over anEthernet network.

The iDRN series feature a 0-10 Vdc,or 0-20 mA (including 4-20 mA)analog output signal that is typicallyscaled to be directly proportional tothe input signal. It is an idealcomponent in a system with PLCsor PC's with analog dataacquisition boards.
The iDRN series are an excellent choicefor applications that demand anextra measure of accuracy and performancethat is not possible withconventional "analog" signal conditionersor transmitters. Unlike conventionalanalog devices that arescaled by adjusting zero and spanpots, the programmable, micro-processorbased iDRN instrumentsare scaled precisely on aPC with free and simple Windows software.The iDRN modules connectdirectly to a PC's RS-232Serial Communications port forprogramming and scaling.Once the module is configured,the parameters are saved in nonvolatilememory. The device canbe disconnected from the PC, orthe RS-232 output from the modulecan be used for continuous dataacquisition in addition to theanalog output.
Alternatively, the iDRN signal conditionercan be connected to a PC's Ethernet port or an Ethernetnetwork using the EIT-D module as aSerial/Ethernet bridge.

If an iDRN signal conditioner is notgoing to be connected to acomputer, it can be orderedpreconfigured by the factory at noextra charge. The user can selectthe input types, ranges and outputscale, and trodeks will program theinstruments to those specificrequirements in our calibration labprior to shipment. For customfactory setup and scaling of theiDRN model, please specify the-FS option.

The iDRX Series SignalConditioners provide highlyaccurate digital outputs. Eachmodule provides an RS-485 Serialoutput that can be transmitteddirectly to computers and otherdevices with serial communicationscapability, or converted to Ethernet.On an RS-485 bus, up to 32modules can be connected over adistance of 1200 m (4000 ft) on asingle pair of wires. With optionalRS-485 repeaters, up to 254modules may be connected to asingle RS-485 port. The iDRXSeries digital conditioners may beconnected to an RS-485 bus usingeither screw terminator or RJ-12connector.

ASCII AND MODBUSThe user can select between aneasy-to-use, straightforward ASCIIprotocol, or the popular MODBUSprotocol found in many existingindustrial installations. With thesimple ASCII commands, writingsprograms using the iDRX does notrequire special drivers or libraries.In addition, many off-the-shelfsoftware packages can be usedwith the iDRX devices without anyprogramming. trodeks alsoprovides a number of usefulprograms and demos for the iDRXat no charge.

trodeks offers anoptional OPC Server(OLE for ProcessControl) and ActiveXControls for the iDRXSeries. Theseprograms make iteasy to integrate theiDRX devices withinformation systemsusing ActiveContainers such asMicrosoft Visual Basicand Microsoft Excel aswell as with popularOLE and OPCcompliant dataacquisition, processcontrol, and industrialautomation software fromtrodeks®, Iconics, Wonderware,Intellution, Rockwell Automation,and GE Cimplicity among others.

Input Thermocouple RTD ac Voltage ac Current Process Strain/Bridge Frequency Pulse
Model No. iDRN-TC
Input Type Thermocouple
RTD Temperature
Pt100, 500, 1000Ohm
ac Voltage ac Current dc Millivolt
and Current
Millivolt NAMUR
Contact closure
low level
open collector
Input Range J, K, T, E,
R, S, B, N, J DIN
thermocouple full range
alpha = 385, 392
Full range of RTD
2, 3 or 4-wire
Full Scale Range:
400 mV to 400 V
Full Scale Range:
10 mA to
5 A
Full Scale Range:
400 mV to +/-10 V
0 to 20 mA
0 to 30 mV
0 to 100 mV
±100 mV
Full Scale Range
20K - 200M pulses
0-50 kHz
Accuracy ±1°C ±0.5°C 0.20% 0.20% 0.1% FS 0.2% FS 0.1%FS
Resolution 0.1°C 0.1°C 10 to 14 Bit 10 to 14 Bit 12 to 15 Bit 13 to 15 Bit 15 to 19 Bit
Output iDRX Series: 2-wire (half duplex) RS-485/iDRN Series: 0 to 10 V @ 10 mA max; 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA
Excitation N/A N/A N/A N/A 14 Vdc @
25 mA
10 V @
30 mA
5, 8.2 and 12.5 Vdc
@ 25 mA

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