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AC Current Transformers for Ammeters (Low Voltage)
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
MFO and RCT Series
  • For Ammeters
  • For Wattmeters
  • For Instrumentation
  • For Relays and Energy Management Systems
  • Current Ratios from 20:5 to 3000:5
  • 50/60 Hz operation
 Manuals (contact with email : [email protected])


Dimensions in mm
MFO-3043.531 41.830.520.510.7  7510.720.530.548 16.582.599
MFO-4043.531 41.841.513.310.5  7513.530.641.5483116.582.599
MFO-6043.531 53.450.222.220.7  9910.750.560.36545.816108124
MFO-100644431671008060 814010.535.84111063.416.5133.5150

Model No. Current Ratio Window Size Burden (VA)
MFO30505A50/5 A30.5 mm2
MFO30605A60/5 A30.5 mm2
MFO30755A75/5 A30.5 mm2.5
MFO301005A100/5 A30.5 mm2.5
MFO301255A125/5 A30.5 mm2.5
MFO301505A150/5 A30.5 mm3
MFO402005A200/5 A41.5 mm5
MFO402505A250/5 A41.5 mm5
MFO403005A300/5 A41.5 mm5
MFO404005A400/5 A41.5 mm5
MFO605005A500/5 A60.3 mm5
MFO606005A600/5 A60.3 mm7.5
MFO607005A700/5 A60.3 mm7.5
MFO607505A750/5 A60.3 mm7.5
MFO608005A800/5 A60.3 mm7.5
MFO10010005A1000/5 A100 mm7.5
MFO10012005A1200/5 A100 mm10
MFO10015005A1500/5 A100 mm10
MFO10020005A2000/5 A100 mm10
MFO10025005A2500/5 A100 mm10
MFO10030005A3000/5 A100 mm10
RCT151205A20/5 A35 mm5
RCT151605A60/5 A35 mm5
RCT151755A75/5 A35 mm5
RCT1511005A100/5 A35 mm5
RCT1511255A125/5 A35 mm5
RCT1511505A150/5 A35 mm5
RCT1512005A200/5 A35 mm10
RCT1512505A250/5 A35 mm10
RCT1513005A300/5 A35 mm10
RCT1524005A400/5 A60 mm15
RCT1525005A500/5 A60 mm15
RCT1526005A600/5 A60 mm15
RCT1538005A800/5 A91 mm15
RCT15310005A1000/5 A91 mm15
RCT15312005A1200/5 A91 mm15
RCT15415005A1500/5 A110 mm15
RCT15420005A2000/5 A110 mm15
RCT15425005A2500/5 A110 mm15
RCT15430005A3000/5 A110 mm15
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