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Portable- High Accuracy Multifunction Calibrator
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
  • Measures and Sources T/C (13 Types), RTDs (13 Types), Ohms, Current, Voltage, Frequency
  • Sources Pulse Trains
  • Isolated mA/V Readback Circuit for Complete Transmitter Calibration
  • Pressure Module Communication Port Compatible with trodeks
    PCL-PM Series Pressure Modules
  • Built-In 24 V Supply Can Drive 4 to 20 mA Loops Up to 1000 Ohms
  • Direct Entry of Custom RTD Coefficients (R0, A, B, C)
  • All Source Modes Can be Programmed with Dedicated Setpoints to Speed Calibration and Linearity Tests
  • Highest Accuracy in Class—to 0.015% of Reading
  • Meets CE Requirements and is Designed to IEC 1010 Safety Standards
  • Supplied with Full Rubber Boot
 Manuals (contact with email : [email protected])


The PCL1200 multifunctioncalibrator has a feature setunmatched by other high-accuracyhandheld calibrators in its pricerange. It is portable, provides thefunctions and accuracy of alaboratory-grade instrument, andhas everything needed for virtuallyany calibration task. It can alsomeasure and source thermocouples,RTDs, current, voltage, andfrequency, and it can source pulsetrains. It has a communications portfor pressure modules and anisolated mA/V readback circuit.Arrow keys, direct numeric keypad entry, and 3 software-drivenfunction buttons combine with alarge, backlit, menu-driven graphicsdisplay to provide a highly intuitiveyet powerful interface. A built-in250 Ohm resistor for HartTMcompatibility, compatibility withsmart transmitters and PLCs, fullfuseless protection, and a serialcommunications port for controlusing ASCII commands areadditional features that make thePCL1200 indispensable forcalibration tasks. A protective rubber boot is included with each unit.

Measuring Pressurewith the PCL1200With a PCL-PMA pressure moduleadaptor, the PCL1200 will work withall trodeks PCL-PM pressuremodules. See Specs and"To Order" chart.

SPECIFICATIONS (23 ±5°C Unless Otherwise Noted)
Voltage Read and Source:
Source: 0 to 20 Vdc
        Isolated: 0 to 30 Vdc
        Non-Isolated: 0 to 20 Vdc
Thermocouple mV:
    Read/Source: -10 to 75 mV
Current (mA):
Source: 0 to 24 mA
        Isolated: 0 to 24 mA
        Non-Isolated: 0 to 24 mA
Frequency (1 to 20 V SelectableAmplitude):
    cpm Source/Read: 2 to 600 cpm
    Hz Source/Read: 1 to 1000 Hz
    kHz Source/Read: 1 to 10 kHz
Pulse (Source Only; 1 to 20 VSelectable Amplitude): 1 to 30,000pulses; 2 cpm to 10 kHz
    Source: 5 to 4000 O
    Read: 0 to 4000 O
Thermocouple Read and Source:
    Type J: -200 to 1200°C(-328 to 2192ºF)
    Type K: -200 to 1370°C(-328 to 2498ºF)
    Type T: -200 to 400°C(-328 to 752ºF)
    Type E: -200 to 950°C(-328 to 1742ºF)
    Type R: -20 to 1750°C(-4 to 3182ºF)
    Type S: -20 to 1750°C(-4 to 3182ºF)
    Type B: 600 to 1800°C(1112 to 3272ºF)
    Type C: 0 to 2316°C(32 to 4201ºF)
    Type XK: -200 to 800°C(-328 to 1472ºF)
    Type BP: 0 to 2500°C(32 to 4532ºF)
    Type L: -200 to 900°C(-328 to 1652ºF)
    Type U: -200 to 400°C(-328 to 752ºF)
    Type N: -200 to 1300°C(-328 to 2372ºF)
RTD Read and Source:
    Ni120 (672): -80 to 260°C(-112 to 500ºF)
    Pt100 (385): -200 to 800°C(-328 to 1472ºF)
    Pt100 (3926): -200 to 630°C(-328 to 1166ºF)
    Pt100 (3916): -200 to 630°C(-328 to 1166ºF)
    Pt200 (385): -200 to 630°C(-328 to 1166ºF)
    Pt500 (385): -200 to 630°C(-328 to 1166ºF)
    Pt1000 (385): -200 to 630°C(-328 to 1166ºF)
    Cu10: -100 to 260°C(-148 to 500ºF)
    YSI400: 15 to 50°C(59 to 122ºF)
    Cu50: -180 to 200°C(-292 to 392ºF)
    Cu100: -180 to 200°C(-292 to 392ºF)
    Pt385-10: -200 to 800°C(-328 to 1472ºF)
    Pt385-50: -200 to 800°C(-328 to 1472ºF)

Operating Temperature: -10 to 50°C(14 to 122ºF)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C(-4 to 158ºF)
Stability: ±0.005% of reading/°C(±5°C outside of 23°C)
Power Requirement: 6 Vdc
Batteries: 4 "AA" alkaline (included)or optional rechargeable
Dimensions:220.9 H x 106.6 W x 58.4 mm D(8.7 x 4.2 x 2.3")
Weight: 863 g (30.5 oz)
Optional Accessory: Carrying case(Model No. CC572)
AccuracyVoltage: ±0.015% of reading, ±2 mV
Thermocouple: mV ±0.02% of reading,±10 µV
Thermocouple Errors (In °C; Add 0.2for Cold-Junction CompensationError)
RTD Read/Source:
    Type J: 0.2°C Ni120 (672) 0.2°C
    Type K: 0.3°C Pt100 (385) 0.2°C
    Type T: 0.2°C Pt100 (3926) 0.2°C
    Type E: 0.2°C Pt100 (3916) 0.2°C
    Type R: 1.2°C Pt200 (385) 0.8°C
    Type S: 1.2°C Pt500 (385) 0.4°C
    Type B: 1.2°C Pt1000 (385) 0.2°C
    Type C: 0.6°C Cu10 1.4°C
    Type XK: 0.2°C YSI400 0.1°C
    Type BP: 0.9°C Cu50 0.4°C
    Type L: 0.2°C Cu100 0.3°C
    Type U: 0.25°C Pt385-10 1.4°C
    Type N: 0.4°C Pt385-50 0.4°C
Read Source:
    Current (mA): ±0.015% of reading,±2 µA ±0.015% of reading, ±2 µA
    cpm: ±0.05% of reading, ±1 LSD±0.05% of reading
    Hz: ±0.05% of reading, ±1 LSD±0.05% of reading
    kHz: ±0.05% of reading, ±1 LSD±0.125% of reading
Ohms (Works with All PulsedTransmitters Down to 5 ms):
400 Ω Range: ±0.025% of reading,±0.05 Ω ±0.025% of reading,±0.05 Ω
4000 Ω Range: ±0.025% of reading,±0.5 Ω ±0.025% of reading, ±0.5 Ω
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