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Unique Roundface Surface Probes
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88000 Series
  • K and E Type Calibrations
  • Ideal for measuring the surface temperature of plates, walls, molds, dies and other stationary surfaces.
  • Sturdy Round Face Sensing Head
  • To Maximum Temperature of 480°C (900°F).
  • Meet the Standard Limits of Error
 Manuals (contact with email : [email protected])


Model 88001(*)
Standard probe for stationarysurfacemeasurements. Suitedto molds, plates, walls,glassware, etc. 480°C (900°F)max. surface temperature.

Model 88002(*)
Ideal for measuring thesurface temperature of plates,walls, molds, dies and otherstationary surfaces. Thethermocouple is protectedby two PFA guards. 250°C(480°F). max. surfacetemperature.
Probe is not designed forlong-term exposure to hightemperatures.

Model 88003(*)
For surfacemeasurements ofmaterials such asstone, iron and steel.The element isprotected by metalside guards. 480°C(900°F). max.surface temperature.

Model 88011(*)
Designed to measure the surfaceof pipes with a 13/16" diameter,with a max. surface temperatureof 250°C (480°F). Probe is notdesigned for long-term exposureto high temperature.

Model 88012(*)
Ideal for measurements of smallsurfaces. The probe has a 1/4"surface diameter, with a 480°C(900°F) max. surface temperature.

Model 88101(*)
For measuringstationary surfacetemperatures, with aright-angle head forhard-to-reach insidesurfaces. 480°C(900°F). max. surfacetemperature.

Model 88102(*)
Right-angle, pencil-type surface probe, best suitedto stationary surfaces. Sensing element isperpendicular to the handle 250°C (480°F) max.surface temperature.

Model 88103(*)
A narrow head, allowing theprobe to fit through narrowopenings. 480°C (900°F). max.surface temperature.

Model 88105(*)
Similar to the 88102, with thesensing element running parallelto the handle. 250°C (480°F)max. surface temperature.

* Specify Calibration:
K: CHtrodeks®-ALtrodeks®
E: CHRtrodeks®-Constantan
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