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16-Channel Isolated Digital I-O Signal Conditioning Card for OMB-LOGBOOK-300- OMB-DAQBOARD-2000 Series and OMB-DAQSCAN-2000 Series
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  • Accepts Up to 16 Opto-22 Compatible Isolated Solid-State Relay (SSR) Digital I/O Modules
  • Up to 16 OMB-DBK208 Boards Can be Daisy-Chained Supporting Expansion Up to 256 Isolated Digital I/O Lines
  • 500 Vdc Channel-to-Channel and Channel-to-System Isolation
  • Modules Available for Sensing AC and DC Signals and Switching AC and DC Loads
  • Modules are Jumper Configured as Either Inputs or Outputs in Groups of 8
  • Per-Channel Screw Terminals (12-26 AWG) for Easy Signal Connection Plus LEDs to Indicate Module Status
  • On-Board Logic Permits the Disabling of Outputs Upon External Power Loss
  • On-Board Logic Disables Outputs Upon Detection of a CPU Reset
  • Optional Rack Mount Kit
  • Easily Configured, Without Programming, with DaqView Software
  • Requires 5 Vdc Power Supply
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The OMB-DBK208 signal conditioning and expansionboard can be configured with up to 16 isolated Opto-22 compatiblesolid-state relay (SSR) digital I/O modules. Two 8-channel banks canbe jumper-selected as either inputs or outputs. Each channel featuresscrew terminals for the convenient connection of field signals, as wellas LEDs to indicate channel status.

Each user-configurable signal conditioning module offers 500 Visolation from the system and from other channels. A wide varietyof SSR I/O modules are available to sense AC and DC signals andto switch AC and DC loads.

An on-board jumper (JP2) allows users to determine the statusof the digital outputs in the event of the loss/recovery of externalpower. When enabled, the loss of external power disables moduleoutputs until the application program writes new values to the data bus.When disabled, the loss of power has no effect on the state orcontinued control of the outputs. Additionally, on-board logic disablesmodule outputs upon detection of a CPU reset.

For the OMB-DAQBOARD-2000 Series boards, only a singleOMB-CA-195 cable is required to terminate to the OMB-DBK208.

For applications with digital I/O only channel expansion requirements,up to 16 OMB-DBK208 boards can be daisy-chained via multipleOMB-CA-37-x cables, providing expansion up to 256 digital I/Ochannels. For applications with both analog and digital I/O channelexpansion requirements, the OMB-DBK206and OMB-DBK209 expansion adaptor boards are available. AllOMB-DBK signal conditioning and expansion boards are scanned at 5µs/channel. The OMB-DBK208 ships with panel hardware; it canalso be rack-mounted with the optional OMB-RACK3 rackmount kit.

Module Capacity: 16 Opto-22 compatible solid-state-relays
Cable: OMB-CA-37-x or OMB-CA-195
DC Input Fuse: 0.5A, reset type
Power Requirement: 5 Vdc, regulated; 0.25 A min
Operating Temperature: 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)
Relative Humidity: 95% RH non-condensing

P4: 100-pin connector provides for connection toOMB-DAQBOARD-2000 Series P4 connector via anOMB-CA-195 cable
P2: 2 P2 (DB37) connectors provide connection to a DAQsystem and digital expansion via a single OMB-CA-37-x cable
ormultiple OMB-CA-37-1 cables
Screw Terminals: 16 sets of 2-connector blocks for I/O signals

Channel-to-System: 500 V
Channel-to-Channel: 500 V
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