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Melting Point Tester
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MPS40 Series
  • Maximum Temperature 400°C (752°F)
  • Utilizes Latest Technology in Digital Imaging
  • 145 mm (5.7") Color VGA Touch Screen Display
  • Unique Split Design Concept
  • Integrated Cooling 350 to 50°C (662 to 122°F) in 10 Minutes
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The MPS40 automatic melting pointuses the latest technology in digitalimage processing, to accuratelyidentify the melt of up to 3 samplessimultaneously. The unit comes witha 145 mm (5.7") color VGA display,on which the melt can be watchedreal time, or the melt video willautomatically be saved as an AVIfile that can be reviewed later, eitheron the unit or via PC, providingtraceability long after the samplehas gone. The result can also beoverridden if for any reason youdon’t agree with the resultcalculated by the image processingalgorithm.

The MPS40 is fully programmablevia the touch screen display, oncethe user has set the plateautemperature they can select theramp rate, between 0.1 and 10°C(0.2 to 18°F) in 0.1°C (0.2°F)increments. During use a library ofpreset methods can be built up tostreamline the method input forrepeat measurements. For materialswhere the user is unaware of anapproximate melting point, andtherefore unable to set the plateautemperature, the MPS40 can beused in rapid melt mode. Duringrapid melt mode a fast scan of thefull temperature range is undertakento provide an approximate melttemperature, then a method will beautomatically programmed with theappropriate plateau temperature toallow a more accuratemeasurement to be carried out.

The MPS40 has an innovative splitdesign concept, the unit can beused as normal or the control sideand the melt side can be separated,allowing for the maximum infootprint flexibility. After the sampleshave been loaded the melt side ofthe unit can be placed at the backof the bench or even in a fumecupboard to catch any potentiallydangerous fumes. Once the unit hasbeen split the control panel side canbe used in two orientations, eitherlandscape or portrait to allow theperfect viewing angle whether youare sat or stood at the bench, thescreen automatically changesorientation with the unit.

The unit can store up to 200 resultfiles with videos, if required data canbe easily transferred from the unit toa flash memory drive or PC via oneof the USB connectors.

The unit has been designed toinclude a number of other usefulfeatures such as slots toaccommodate pre-preparedsamples and a draw to house yourunused melting point tubes. Alsoincluded in the draw is a handyglass cutter, which can be used toaccurately cut tubes in half quicklyand cleanly for users who prefer touse half tubes.

All units are supplied with a NISTcalibration certificate showingindividual serial numbers.

Number of Samples: 3 simultaneously
Temperature Range: Ambient to 400°C (752°F)
Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C
Display: 145 mm (5.7") color VGA touch screen
Ramp Rates: 0.1 to 10°C (0.2 to 18°F) in 0.1°C (0.2°F) increments
Temperature Sensor: Pt1000 platinum resistance
Memory: 200 results with video
Cool Down Time: 350 to 50°C (662 to 122°F), 10 mins
Heat Up Time: 50 to 350°C (122 to 662°F), 6 mins
Oven Control: Closed loop PID
Flash Memory/PC Interface: USB
Sample Level: 2 to 3 mm in 50 mm, or 100 mm length capillaries
Electrical Supply: 120V/230V, 50 to 60 Hz
Temperature Units: °C, °F, K
Dimensions: 175 H x 210 D x 328 mm W (6.9 x 8.3 x 13")
Net Weight: 3.2 kg (113 oz)
IP Rating: 30
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