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Variable Area In-line Liquid Flowmeters
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FLMH and FLMW Series
  • Direct Reading Dual Scale
  • Range 0.1 to 150 GPM (0.4 to 550 LPM)
  • High Pressure: 3500 psi (Brass or Aluminum); 6000 psi (Stainless Steel)
  • High Temperature: to 116°C (240°F) (Standard) or 204°C or 316°C (400 or 600°F) (Optional)
  • Mounts in Any Position
  • Relay Alarms and Analog Outputs Optional
  • Oil or Water Models
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The FLMW and FLMH variable area flowmeters can be installed directly in the fluid line without flow straighteners or special piping. The spring-and-piston type assembly enables these flowmeters to be mounted in any position and protects them against changes in viscosity. Available scaled for water or oil, in Aluminum, Brass or Stainless Steel bodies.

The FLMW or the FMLH Series with the optional analog output(-MA) are typically used to transmit a signal proportional to the flowrate to a process controller, a PLC, a recorder, or a panel-mountdisplay. With the -MA options the user can choose between readinga 0 to 2000 Hz square-wave pulse, a 0 to 5 Vdc analog signal, or a2-wire 4 to 20 mA analog signal by connecting the appropriate pins.

Accuracy: ±2.5% FS in the center third of the measuring range; ±4% FS over the entire scale range
Repeatability: ±1%
Flow Measuring Range: 0.4 - 560 lpm (0.1 - 150 gpm)
Maximum Operating Pressure:
   Aluminum and brass monitors: 3500 psig (240 Bar)
   Stainless steel monitors: 6000 psig (410 Bar) up to 116°C (240°F)
Maximum Operating Temperature:
   Standard Models: 116°C (240°F)
   High Temp (-HT) Models: 204°C (400°F) max
   Ultra High Temp (-UHT) Models: 316°C (600°F) max
Pressure Differential: download spec sheet for pressure drop graphs
Standard Calibration Fluids:
   Oil monitors: DTE 25 @ 43°C (110°F), 0.873 sg
   Water monitors: tap water @ 21°C (70°F), 1.0 sg
Maximum Particle Size: 76 microns
Relay (Optional): 1 or 2 form “C” relays, rated 10 A @ 125 or 250 Vac or 0.25 A @ 250 Vdc
Mechanical Life: >107 cycles
Analog Output (Optional): Supply voltage 12 to 35 Vdc, field selectable for 0 to 5 Vdc (100 W minimum load), 0 to 2000 Hzsquare-wave pulse or 4 to 20 mA; Rmax = 50 (Vs-12). Vs = supply voltage DC
Installation Dimensions:
   1/4 and 1/2 NPT Sizes: 1-7/8 OD x 6.6" length
   3/4 and 1 NPT Sizes: 2-3/8 OD x 7.2" length
   1-1/4 and 1-1/2 NPT Sizes: 3-1/2 OD x 10.1" length

Materials of Construction (Wetted Parts)
Description Aluminum
(Not for Water)
Brass Stainless Steel
High pressure casing, end ports and tapered shaft Aluminum Brass 304 SS
Seals Buna (std), EPR, FKM or perfluoroelastomer Buna (std), EPR, FKM or perfluoroelastomer FKM with PTFE backup (std) Buna, EPR or perfluoroelastomer
Transfer Magnet PTFE-coated Alnico PTFE-coated Alnico PTFE-coated Alnico
Floating Orifice Disk Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
All Other Internal Parts Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

Materials of Construction (Non-Wetted Components)
Description Aluminum Brass Stainless Steel
Window Tube Polycarbonate (std), Pyrex® Polycarbonate (std), Pyrex® Polycarbonate (std), Pyrex®
Window Seals Buna (std) Buna (std) Buna (std)

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pricing for many other available models.
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