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FTB300 Series
  • NEMA 4X (IP56) Enclosure
  • 6-Digit LCD
  • Displays both Rate and Total
  • Non-Volatile Programming and Total
  • For Clean Liquids
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The FTB300 Series of digital paddle wheelsare an economical choice for low flow rateapplications. They use Infra-red light beamtechnology. Available connections include1/8 FNPT, 1/4 FNPT and 3/8" OD tube fittings. Sixavailable flow ranges as low as 30ml/min to7000 ml/min. No display models have a 5 Vdc currentsinking pulse output. Units with displays have a 6-digitLCD, with up to 4 decimal positions that display bothflow rate and total. All units include an open collectoralarm output.

User selectable scale factors include: flow units,gallons, liters, ounces, and milliliters. Time unitsinclude: minutes, hours, days. Users can alsoprogram custom units. Programming values and totalare stored in the non-volitile memory. The total resetfunction can also be disabled. Standard units have aclear PVC viewing lens, PVDF chemical resistant lensare available as an option. The enclosure is a weatherresistant Valox PBT and rated NEMA 4X (IP56).

Max Working Pressure:
    PVC Lens: 9 bar (130 psig) at 21°C (70°F)
    PVDF Lens ("-PVDF" Option): 150 psig (10 bar) @ 21°C (70°F)
Max Fluid Temperature:
    PVC Lens, FNPT Connectors: 54°C (130°F) at 0 PSI
    PVDF Lens ("-PVDF" Option), Tubing Connectors: 93°C (200°F) at 0 PSI
Full Scale Accuracy: ±6%
Input Power Requirement: 9 to 28 Vdc
Sensor Type: Infrared light beam
Alarm Output: Open collector 30 Vdc max
Enclosure: NEMA 4X (IP56)
Approximate Shipping Wt: 0.45 kg (1 lb) Materials of Construction
Body, Paddle, Axle Material: PVDF Connector Material
FNPT Connections: PVC
Tubing Connectors: PVDF Viewing Lens Material Option
    Clear See Through: PVC
    Opaque Chemical Resistant: PVDF (optional)
O-Ring Seals: FKM (EPDM optional)
Compression Seal to Pump: PVC Sensor Only
    Models: 5 Vdc digital square wave (2-wire)
    Output: 3-wire shielded cable, 1.8 m (6')

Model with Display Model without Display Range
1/8 FNPT 1/4 FNPT 3/8" OD Tube 1/8 FNPT 1/4 FNPT 3/8" OD Tube lpm gph
FTB311D FTB321D FTB331D FTB311 FTB321 FTB331 0.03 to 0.3 0.48 to 4.7
FTB312D FTB322D FTB332D FTB312 FTB322 FTB332 0.1 to 1 1.6 to 15.8
FTB313D FTB323D FTB333D FTB313 FTB323 FTB333 0.2 to 2 3.2 to 31.7
FTB314D FTB324D FTB334D FTB314 FTB324 FTB334 0.3 to 3 4.8 to 48
FTB315D FTB325D FTB335D FTB315 FTB325 FTB335 0.5 to 5 7.9 to 79
FTB316D FTB326D FTB336D FTB316 FTB326 FTB336 0.7 to 7 11.1 to 111
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