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TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
OME-WISE-7000 Series
  • No Programming Required (Dramatically Reduce Labor and System Development Cost)
  • No Extra Software Tool Required (All Operations Can Be Done Through the Web Browser)
  • IF-THEN-ELSE Logic Rules Execution Ability
  • Extra Timer Function for Periodic Operation
  • Real Time Message Sending Via Email
  • CGI Command Sending for Interaction with Surveillance Systems
  • Recipe Function Provided for Easy Operations of Group Actions
  • Advanced P2P Function Provided (OME-WISE-7000 Controllers in Network can Freely Share I/O Status)
  • MODBUS® TCP Protocol Provided for Seamless Integration with SCADA Package
  • Wide Range of I/O Modules Provided–Allows Users to Find Best Solutions
  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet) for Simplifying System Design, Reducing Cable and Saving Space
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TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID ControllersOME-WISE-7000 Series (Web Inside, Smart Engine)is a product series that functions as control units foruse in remote logic control and monitoring in variousindustrial applications. OME-WISE-7000 Series offers auser-friendly and intuitive web site interface that allowsusers to implement IF-THEN-ELSE control logic oncontrollers just a few clicks away; no programming isrequired. With its powerful and easy-to-use features, itwill minimize the learning curve, shorten time to marketand dramatically reduce the labor and cost spent onsystem development.Through a Web browser, users can access the WebServer on OME-WISE-7000 Series controllers toperform tasks such as logic rule edition and download.A Rule Engine will be set up to manage and deploylogic rules for controllers. The Rule Engine will checkwhether the rules are valid or not and determine theexecution of actions under specific conditions, forexamples: setting up I/O channel values, performtimer tasks, sending Email message or sendingCGI command under a specific condition. With theAdvanced P2P function, all OME-WISE-7000 Seriescontrollers in network can freely share their statussuch as AIO value, DIO value, DIO Counter value orInternal Register value to each others. This functiongreatly enhances the flexibility and boosts accuracyto the logic rule design and makes it easy to enablethe interactions between the controllers. In addition,through MODBUS/TCP Protocol, a SCADA packageenables control and monitoring of I/O channels orsystem status on OME-WISE-7000 Series controller inreal time.

TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID ControllersFeatures
IF-THEN-ELSE Logic Rules Execution Ability
OME-WISE-7000 Series controllers are equipped withan IF-THEN-ELSE logic Rule Engine, it offers up to36 IF-THEN-ELSE rules for users to set up the logiccontent. After completing rule edition and downloadingrules to the OME-WISE-7000 controller, the Rule Enginewill loop execute the rules in accordance with theexecute order under specific conditions.
No Extra Software Tool is RequiredOME-WISE-7000 Series HMI interface runs on regularWeb browsers. To edit control logic, it only requires abrowser to connect to the Web server onOME-WISE-7000 controller. No extra software toolinstallation is needed on the target PC.
No More Programming
OME-WISE-7000 provides user-friendly Web UI pagesfor editing control logic on the controllers. It enables toimplement logic edition by a few clicks on the mouse toset up and deploy logic rules without writing a single lineof code.
Recipe Function for Grouping a Series of Actions
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID ControllersIn addition to 3 THEN Actions and 3 ELSE Actions settings OME-WISE-7000 Series provides for eachRule, Recipe function is provided for easily grouping aseries of Actions. A series of actions can be stored andsaved in a Recipe action and will be executed when theIF-THEN-ELSE condition is matched.
Timer OperationOME-WISE-7000 Series features a timer function: Itallows the user to perform specific tasks such astime delay.
Remote Monitoring and Alarm via EmailOME-WISE-7000 supports Email functions for realtimemessage communication. The sending action canbe added to the logic edition as part of logic control toprovide real-time message transmission function.
CGI Command Sending for Surveillance System Integration
OME-WISE-7000 provides CGI commands sendingfunction. It provides integrated access to a wide varietyof Web devices and Surveillance systems.
Advanced P2P for Controller’s Resource Sharing
Each OME-WISE-7000 controller can communicate with8 remote OME-WISE-7000 controllers. The AdvancedP2P function provided by OME-WISE-7000 is far moresuperior than the traditional P2P (DI-DO mapping)function, all OME-WISE-7000 controllers can freelyshare their status such as AIO channel value, DIOTRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllerschannel value, DI/DO Counter value or Internal Registervalue to each others, therefore, greatly enhances theflexibility and boosts accuracy to the logic rule designand makes it easy to enable the interactions betweenthe controllers.
Offer Various Options for Channel SettingsOME-WISE-7000 offers various options for channelsettings; for example: noise filter for DI signals,deadband setting for AI signals, linear scale setting,temperature degree in Celsius or Fahrenheit setting,power on value setting for DO channel, pulse outputsetting and DI/DO counter setting, etc.
Seamless Integration with SCADAOME-WISE-7000 supports MODBUS TCP Protocol forusers to perform realtime monitoring and control of thecontrollers. Through MODBUS TCP, it allows a SCADApackage to seamlessly integrate with OME-WISE-7000 and enables total solutions for remote monitoring and control.
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