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Liquid Level Switches
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LVK10,LVK20,LVK30 Series
  • Low Cost, Compact Design for General Purpose Level Monitoring
  • Rugged, Shock and Vibration Resistant
  • Mounts Vertically at Top or Bottom of Tank
  • Reed Switch Design for High Repeatability
  • User Selectable, Normally Open or Normally Closed SPST Switch
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The LVK-20/30 Series level switches feature a small float displacement, especially suited for narrow or restricted areas. A standard 1 /8 " NPT male fitting for LVK-20 series allows for quick installation in either the top or bottom of the tank or vessel. LVK-30 has a 1/4" NPT. A sealed SPST switch provides consistent accuracy and high repeatability with the effects of shock, vacuum or vibration minimized. Extremely versatile, the switch is user selectable as normally open or normally closed by simply removing the retaining clip and inverting the position of the float. For intermediate float displacement, the LVK-20 Series will yield long life and greater stability for a broad range of level monitoring requirements. The LVK-30 Series larger float displacement is intended for use with liquids of high viscosity, and is well suited for harsh environments. Both models share the standard features. The float is made from Buna-N and the stem is either stainless steel or brass.

Stem Material: Brass or 316SS
Float Material: Buna-N
Other Wetted Material: 316SS
Operating Temperature:
    Water: -40 to 82°C (-40 to 180°F)
    Oil: -40 to 107°C (-40 to 225°F)
Pressuring Rating: 150 psi
Mounting: 1/8" NPT for LVK-20, 1/4" NPT for LVK-30
Switch: SPST
Switch Actuation: Approx. 1/2 the distance from end of stem to mounting, or at halfway point of float travel
Lead Wires: 22 awg. 24" polymeric for LVK-10 and 18 awg. 24" polymeric for LVK-30 and LVK-20
Specific Gravity of Float:
    LVK-20: 0.58
    LVK-30: 0.43
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