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Multi Parameter Mass Flowmeter
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FMA6600 and FMA6700 Series
  • Multi-Drop Capability of Up to 256 Units (for RS-485 Option)
  • Stores Calibration Data for Up to 10 Different Gases
  • Supports 10 Different Engineering Units Including User Defined
  • Programmable 12 Digits Totalizer Indicates Total Gas Volume
  • Flow Alarm Limits for High and Low Gas Flow with Relay Output
  • Pressure Alarm (FMA6700) Limits for High and Low Gas Pressure with Relay Output
  • Temperature Alarm (FMA6700) Limits for High and Low Gas Temperature with Relay Output
  • Digital (RS-232 or RS-485) and Analog Outputs Operate Simultaneously
  • Internal Conversion Factors for Up to 32 Gases
 Manuals (contact with email : [email protected])


All features of the FMA6600 and FMA6700 Series flow meters can be accessed via the local fourbutton keypad and LCD. The digital interface operates via RS485 (optional RS-232 available) andprovides access to applicable internal data including: flow, temperature, pressure reading, autozero, totalizer and alarms settings, gas table, conversion factors and engineering units selection,dynamic response compensation and linearization table adjustment. The analog interface provides0 to 5 Vdc or 0 to 10 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA outputs for flow, pressure and temperature (jumper selectable).
Auto Zero
The FMA6600 and FMA6700 Series supports automatic sensor zero offset adjustment that can be activated locally via keypad or remotely via digital interface. The auto zero feature requires absolutely no flow through the meter during auto zero process. Provisions are made to either start, stop or save the current auto zero value via digital commands.
The total volume of the gas is calculated by integrating the actual gas flow rate with respect to time.Both keypad menu and digital interface commands are provided to: • set the totalizer to ZERO • start the totalizer at a preset flow • assign action at a preset total volume • start/stop totalizing the flow• read totalizer Totalizer conditions become true, when the totalizer reading and the "Stop at Total" volumes are equal.
Flow Alarm
High and Low gas flow ALARM limits can be preprogrammed via keypad or remotely via digital interface. ALARM conditions become true when the current flow reading is equal or higher/lower than corresponding values of high and low alarm levels. Alarm action can be assigned with preset delay interval (0-3600 seconds) to activate the contact closer (separate for High and Low alarm). Pressure Alarm (FMA6700 Series) High and Low gas pressure ALARM limits can be preprogrammed via keypad or remotely via digitalinterface. Pressure alarm conditions become true when the current pressure reading is equal or higherthan corresponding values of high pressure alarm settings or equal or lower than corresponding values oflow pressure alarm settings. Alarm action can be assigned to activate the contact closer (separate forHigh and Low pressure alarm). Temperature Alarm (FMA6700 Series) High and Low gas temperatureALARM limits can be preprogrammed via keypad or remotely via digital interface. Temperature alarm conditions become true when the current temperature reading is equal or higher than corresponding values of high temperature alarm settings or equal or lower than corresponding values of low temperature alarm settings. Alarm action can be assigned to activate the contact closer (separate for High and Low temperature alarm).
Engineering Units
The flow set points, measured gas flow and associated totalizer data are scaled directly in engineeringunits via the front panel keypad or digital interface. The following units of measure are supported: %F.S., L/min, L/h, mL/min, mL/h, SCFH, SCFM, LbPH, LbPM, User Defined EU.
Multi-Gas Calibration
The FMA6600 Series is capable of storing primary calibration data for up to 10 gases. This feature allowsthe same FMA6600 Series to be calibrated for multiple gases while maintaining the rated accuracy oneach.
Standard 10-Point NIST Calibration
Optional up to 9 additional 10-point calibration may be ordered at an additional charge per gas.
Conversion Factors
Conversion factors for up to 32 gases are stored in the FMA6600 and FMA 6700 Series. In addition, the provision is made for a user defined conversion factor. Conversion factors may be applied to any of the ten gas calibrations via keypad or digital interface commands.
Contact Closure
Two sets of dry contact relay outputs are provided to actuate user supplied equipment. These areprogrammable via local keypad or digital interface such that the relays can be made to switch when aspecified event occurs (e.g. when a low or high flow, pressure or temperature alarm limit is exceededor when the totalizer reaches a specified value).
Leak Integrity
1 x 10-9 sccs of Helium maximum to the outside environment.

FMA6600/FMA6700 Transducers should not be used for monitoring Oxygen gas unless specifically cleaned and prepared for such application. See below for ordering details.

   FMA6700: ±1% of FS including linearity [0 to 50°C and 0.35 to 6.8 bar (5 to 100 psia)]
   FMA6600: ±1% of FS at calibration conditions [101 KPa (14.7 psia) and 21.1°C (70°F)]
Pressure Range: 0 to 6.8 bar (100 psig) (measurement)
Pressure Accuracy: ±1% of FS
Temperature Range: 0 to 50°C (measurement)
Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C
Repeatability: ±0.15% of full scale
Response Time: Units up to 10 LPM @1.0 second, units greater than 10 LPM @2 seconds to within ±2% of setpoint over 25% to 100% of full scale
Temp. Coefficient: 0.15% of full scale/°C or better
Pressure Coefficient: 0.01% of full scale/psi (0.07 bar) or better
Max Gas Pressure: 6.8 bar (100 psig)
Max Burst Pressure: 13.6 bar (200 psig)
Max Pressure Drop: 8 psi (at 100 L/min flow)
Gas & Ambient Temp: 5 to 50°C (41 to 122°F)
Output Signals: Linear 0 to 5 Vdc (3000 &trodeks; min load impedance); 0 to 10 Vdc (6000 &trodeks; min impedance); 4 to 20 mA optional (500 . max loop resistance). Maximum noise 20 mV peak to peak.
Input Power: Is available to run at three different voltages: ±15Vdc (±200 mA maximum) or +12Vdc (300 mA maximum) standard; +24Vdc (250 mA maximum) optional (-24VDC); Circuit boards have built-in polarity reversal protection. Resettable fuses provide power input protection.
Materials in Fluid Contact: 316 stainless steel, FKM O-rings. EPDM or Perfluoroelastomer O-rings optional
   Models ≥15 LPM: Standard 1/4" compression fittings
   Models 20 to 50 LPM: Standard 1/4" compression fittings
   Models 60 to 100 LPM: Standard 3/8" compression fittings
Display: 128 x 64 graphic LCD with backlight (up to 8 lines of text)
Calibration: Standard one 10 points NIST calibration. Optional up to 9 additional calibrations may be ordered for an additional charge per gas.
CE Compliance: EN 55011 class 1, class B; EN50082-1
Environmental (per IEC 664): Installation Level II; Pollution Degree II
Approximate Shipping Weights:
   Models up to 15 SLPM: 1.68 kg (3.7 lb)
   Models from 20 to 100 LPM: 1.97 kg (4.34 lb)
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