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pHact pH Sensors with Built-in Differential Preamplifier and ATC
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PHE-9150 Series
  • Built-In Differential Preamplifier
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • High Temperature
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Insertion Length
  • Any Angle Orientation
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The pHACT is a Fast Acting pH Sensor, with a built-in differential amplifier and 100Ω Platinum RTD Automatic Temperature Compensation sensor that provides a compensated output compatible with any pH meter. It is an ideal solution for ground loop problems, since it has a built-in solution ground and low impedance output, making the pHACT immune to noise. The PPS molded body has a high chemical resistance. The PHE-9150 series uses a High pH glass formulation, the perfect choice for extreme pH applications, with a triple PTFE junction reference cell. Coupled with the novel Plunger electrode design, this sensor assures low maintenance in most applications. The PHE-9151 is manufactured for low viscosity and in-line use, with a 3 /4 ' or 1' MNPT. It is ideal for the pulp and paper industry, as well as electroplating and petro-chemical applications. The PHE-9153 has 0.5' (12mm) insertion length, while PHE-9151 has 2.3' (59mm) for use in large pipes. PHE-9150/52 are manufactured in such a way that can be used in-line or submersible applications, with a 3 /4 " or 1' MNPT. While the PHE-9150 has only 0.9' (23mm) insertion length, the PHE-9152 offers 2.3' (59mm), to be able to reach into large diameter pipes, or tanks.

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