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OME-PCI-1800H/L & OME-PCI-1802H/L
  • PCI Bus
  • 12-Bit 330 KHz A/D Converter
  • OME-PCI-1800H, OME-PCI-1800L: 16 Single-Ended/ 8 Differential Inputs, 2 K Word FIFO
  • OME-PCI-1802H, OME-PCI-1802L: 32 Single-Ended/16 Differential Inputs, 8 K Word FIFO
  • 330 K Samples/s Sampling Rates for Single Channel or Multiple Channels
  • Triggers Methods: Software-Trigger, Pacer-Trigger, External-Trigger
  • External Triggers: Post-Trigger, Pre -Trigger, External Pacer Trigger
  • OME-PCI-1800L, OME-PCI-1802L Programmable Low Gain: 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8
  • 16 Digital Input/16 Digital Output Channels
  • OME-PCI-1800H, OME-PCI-1802H Programmable High Gain: 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000
  • Two Optional 12-Bit Independent Programmable DAC’s; 2 MHz Throughput per Channel (max)
  • 2.7 M Word/High Speed Data Transfer Rate
  • Includes Software Development Kit
  • Half Size Board
 Manuals (contact with email : [email protected])


The OME-PCI-1800 series is afamily of high performance dataacquisition boards for the PCI bus.It features a continuous,330 KHz,gap-free data acquisition underDOS and Windows.

The OME-PCI-1800 family has two12-bit D/A output channels,16digital input channels and 16 digitaloutput channels.

The OME-PCI-1800Hand OME-PCI-1800L provide 16single-ended or 8 differential inputs.The OME-PCI-1802H and OME-PCI-1802L provide 32 single-ended or 16differential inputs.The suffix “H ”denotes a high gain model and the “L ”denotes a low gain model.The boardsfeature advanced scanning features.The scanning mechanism not onlyscans the different input channels atvastly different rates,but also atdifferent gains.Even in multi-channelscan mode,the sampling rates can bemaintained at 330 KS/s.

The OME-PCI-1800 series also hassome outstanding features, including:
• data transfer rate of digital I/Ois up to 5.4 M bytes
• throughput of D/A is upto 2 MHz (max)
• three flexible external trigger modessuch as post-trigger,pre-trigger, middle-trigger
• true "Plug & Play" under DOSand Windows
• on board FIFO

OME-PCI-1800 SeriesSystem Expansion
Several daughter boards areavailable which can expand theanalog and digital I/O capabilityof the OME-PCI-1800 series highperformance data acquisitionboards. These include:OME-DB-1825; OME-DB-8225;OME-DB-8025; OME-DB-889D;OME-DB-16P; OME-DB-16R

OME-DB-889D 16-ChannelAnalog Multiplexer Board
The OME DB-889D is an expansionmultiplexer/amplifier board for usewith the OME-PCI-1800H/L boards.Each OME-DB-889D multiplexes 16differential analog input channelsinto one analog input of the dataacquisition board. The high gradeinstrumentation amplifier providessoftware programmable gains of0.5, 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000.Thermocouple measurements arehandled easily with the OME-DB-889D.The board includes cold-junctionsensing and compensationcircuitry that provides a scaling of
24.4 mV/°C. Biasing resistors areincluded for open thermocoupledetection. The OME-DB-889D canbe cascaded to a total of 128channels of voltage measurementsor 112 channels of thermocouplemeasurement.

OME-DB-16P 16-ChannelIsolated Digital Input Board
The OME-DB-16P is a 16-channelisolated digital input daughter boardfor any of the OME-PCI-1802H/1802L/1800H/1800L/1602/1602F/1202H/1202L/1002H/1002LPCI-Bus multi-function boards.The optically isolated inputs ofthe OME-DB-16P consist of a bi-directionalOPTO-coupler witha resistor for current sensing. TheOME-DB-16P can be used to senseDC signals from TTL levels up to24V and also a wide range of ACsignals. The OME-DB-16P can alsobe used to isolate the computerfrom large common-mode voltages,ground loops and voltage spikesthat often occur in industrialenvironments.

OME-DB-16R 16-ChannelRelay Output Board
The OME-DB-16R 16-channelrelay output board consists of16 form C relays for efficientswitching of loads by programmedcontrol. The OME-DB-16R can beused with any of the OME-PCI-1802H/1802L/1800H/1800L/1602/1602F/1202H/1202L/1002H/1002LPCI-Bus multi-function boards. Therelays are energized by applying a5-V signal to the appropriate relaychannel on the 20-pin flat cableconnector. Sixteen annunciatorLED’s, one for each relay, lightwhen their associated relay isactivated. To avoid overloadingthe PC’s power supply, this boardprovides a screw terminalconnection for a power supply.

Software Development Kit
All data acquisition boards aresupplied with a standard softwaredevelopment kit for Windows98/NT/2000/XP. The softwaredevelopment kit includes DLL filesfor programming in C, C++or other high level languagesand OCX filesfor Visual Basicor Active Xprogramming.LabView driversare also included.


Input Channels:
OME-PCI-1802H/L, 32 SE/16 Diff;
OME-PCI-1800H/L, 16 SE/8 Diff
Resolution: 12-bits
Conversion Rate: 330 KS/s
Input Impedance:10,000 M //6pf
Overvoltage Protection: ± 35 V
Accuracy: 0.01% of reading, ±1-bit
On Board FIFO:OME-PCI-1800 H/L:2K
OME-PCI-1802 H/L:8K

Type: 12-bit Double Buffers
Linearity: 0.06%FS
Settling Time: 0.4 mS
Output Range: ±5 V or ±10 V
Output Driving: ±5 mA

16 channels; TTL levels
Input Low:VIL =0.8 V max, I IL =4 mA
Input High:VIH =2.0 V min, I IH =-20 µA max
Output:16 channels: TTL levels
Output Low:VOL =0.5 V max, I OL =4 mA max
Output High:VOH =2.7 V min, I OH =-400 µA max

Power Requirements:

+5 V @350 mA (max)
Operating Temperature:
0 to 50 °C (32 to 122°F)
Storage Temperature:
-20 to 70 °C (-4 to 158°F)
Humidity:0 to 90%RHnon-condensing
190 L x 105 mm H
(7.5 x 4.1")
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