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Non-Contact Voltage Detector with Adjustable Sensitivity
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
  • Provides a Safe (Non-Contact) Way to Check Whether an Electric Line or Cable or AC Outlet is “Hot”(Energized)
  • Beeper Sounds and Red LED Flashes When Voltage is Detected
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Takes the Guesswork Out of Identifying the “Hot” Wire of a Bundle
  • Safe for CAT IV 1000V Use
  • ETL Approved
  • Built-In Bright White LED Flashlight
  • Pocket Clip
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The HHM-NVC40 provides a safenon-contact way to check whetheran electric line or cable or ACoutlet is “hot” (energized).It does so by sensing from a shortdistance the electromagneticfield created by AC voltage. Evenunloaded AC circuits generateelectromagnetic fields. Althoughthese fields are extremely weak,their constantly changing naturemeans that they generate somecurrent.

A sensitive non-contact voltagedetector can sense this current viainduction, in much the same waythat a sensitive radio receiver cansense weak radio waves. Noncontactvoltage (NCV) detectors,including the HHM-NCV40, cannotdetect DC voltages (such as thosefound in automotive electricalsystems) or AC voltage through awall or metal conduit.

Unlike the typical NCV detector,the HHM-NCV40 has adjustablesensitivity—a feature that makes itpossible to determine which wirein a bundle is the “hot” wire. Thisapplication calls for turning downthe sensitivity in stages after theHHM-NCV40 senses voltage. Asyou reduce sensitivity, at somestage only the energized wire willproduce a field strong enough toactivate the audible and visualalarms from a short distance.In this way, the HHM-NCV40’sadjustable sensitivity takes theguesswork out of identifying the“hot” wire of a bundle.

The HHM-NCV40 also hasa wider detection range (5 to1000 Vac) than the typical NCVunit. The ability to detect thepresence of 12 Vac in noncontactfashion is particularlyuseful during troubleshootingof hardwired process plant andindustrial automation systemsand equipment such as gas andwater valves, fans, lights, relays,inverters, solenoids and horns.Hardwired commercial andresidential building doorbells/buzzers and thermostats arealso commonly powered by12 Vac. The ability of theHHM-NCV40 to detect 480V usingits lowest sensitivity setting makestroubleshooting and installinggenerators and fluorescent lightingballasts easier, faster and safer.

Detection Range: 5 to 1000 Vac at50 to 400 Hz
Detection Distance: 64 mm (2.5") max
Power Source: 2 “AAA” batteries(included)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40°C(32 to 104°F) @ <85% RH
Dimensions: 154 L x 32 W x 28 mm D(6.1 x 1.3 x 1.1")
Weight (with Batteries): 55 g (1.8 oz)
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