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Pulse Input Data Loggers
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  • Single Pulse Input (OMYL-M41) or
    Dual Pulse Input (OMYL-M42) Channels
  • Accepts Potential Free (Dry Contact) or Voltage Pulses
  • Up to 4 Million Readings (Internal Memory Size)
  • Shock Proof, IP65 Housing (Dust and Water Jet Proof)
  • Up to 4 Years Battery Life
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OMYL-M41 (one pulse input channel) and OMYL-M42(two pulse input channels) data loggers are designed tomeasure potential-free (dry contact) pulses or voltagesignals up to 3V using the included OMYL-CS inputcable. With the optional OMYL-CP connection cable thelogger can be used for measuring signals up to 24V.These data loggers are available with standard memory of100,000 readings (OMYL-M41, OMYL-M42) or expandedmemory of 4 million readings (OMYL-M41-4M,OMYL-M42-4M).

These devices are fully programmable allowing you toset the data logger to record on one or two channels.The incoming signal type (potential-free or voltage) canbe set using the included software.

These data loggers are best suited for operation withcounters, photoelectric sensors, revolution-counters,make contact elements, switches and sensors such asflow meters or energy consumption meters with pulseoutput. Both data loggers can also be integrated intothe aerodynamic rain gauge OMYL-RG.

Once activated the data logger senses and records thenumber of pulses/contact closures that occur withinadjacent “time bin” periods. The bin period is selectablefrom 1 second to over 24 hours. At the end of each binperiod, the total number of pulses/counts within thebin period is recorded. The data logger thenstarts another bin period and continues untileither the memory is full or the test periodhas ended.

The storage medium is non-volatile flashmemory so no data is lost if the batterybecomes discharged. Data logger setup aswell as data retrieval is accomplished usingthe included standard OMYL-SOFT software.Downloaded data is stored in theOMYL-SOFT software as a text file forviewing in third party software packages orMicrosoft Excel. The OMYL-SOFT standardsoftware does not include any graphingfunctionality. Graphing and analyzingdownloaded data files requires theOMYL-SOFT-PLUS version of thesoftware (sold separately)

Number of Pulse Input Channels
    OMYL-M41/OMYL-M41-4M: 1
    OMYL-M42/OMYL-M42-4M: 2
Signal Input: Potential-free (dry contact) signals and low level pulses < 3 Vdc can be measured with the included OMYL-CS input cable; higher voltage level pulses up to 24 Vdc can be measured with the optional OMYL-CP input cable)
Maximum Input Voltage: 24 Vdc
Measuring Range
Potential Free (Dry Contact) Pulses
    Pulse Count: 0 to 65,000 pulses
    Pulse Rate: 0 to 100 Hz
Voltage Pulses
    Pulse Count: 0 to 65,000 pulses
    Pulse Rate: 0 to 1300 Hz
Reading Rate: 1 second to 24 hours
Start Modes: Immediate start, delayed start
Memory Capacity
    OMYL-M41/OMYL-M42: 100,000 readings
    OMYL-M41-4M/OMYL-M42-4M: 4 million readings
Memory Wrap Around: Yes (software configurable)
Battery: 3V lithium battery [standard temperature range battery (included), optional high temperature range battery]; user replaceable
Battery Life (Standard Temperature Range Battery): 4 years at 1 minute reading rate, 230 days at 10 second reading rate, 25 days at 1 second reading rate
LED Functionality: Integrated status LED indicates data logging status, low battery or alarm condition
Alarms: Software programmable high/low thresholds
Computer Interface: USB (interface cable included)
Software: XP SP3/Vista/7 and 8 (32- and 64-bit)
Operating Environment: -30 to 70°C (-22 to 158°F) with standard lithium battery; -40 to 90°C (-40 to 194°F) with optional high temperature lithium battery
Dimensions: 30 H x 50 mm dia (1.18 x 1.97")
Weight: 70 g (2.5 oz)
Enclosure: Robust, shock-proof POM, IP65
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