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Digital to 8 Current Loop Converter
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
  • Parallel/SerialCommunications Ports
  • ±0.1% Accuracy
  • 12 Bit Resolution
  • Solid-State Technology
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The DRA-DCC-8 is amicroprocessor-based unit whichconverts digital data into eightcontinuous analog current loops.The processor controls the digitalinput, handles the active memory ofthe unit and updates the currentoutputs. For digital input range of000 HEX to FFF HEX, the unitprovides two user selected outputcurrent spans of either 4 to 20 mAor 0 to 20 mA.One parallel and two serial ports areavailable. The parallel input portreceives an asynchronous 15 bitbus composed of a 3 bit outputchannel address and 12 bits of datarepresenting the output currentvalue. DRA-DCC-8 units can beconnected in parallel to the inputbus and selected by controlling theEnable (E) input terminal. The unit’scontroller continuously scans theinput data field and compares it tothe previously stored data. Whennew data is encountered, the olddata is replaced and the properoutput current is updated.The DRA-DCC-8 provides bothRS-232C and RS-422 full duplexserial communications ports. TheRS-422 serial communications portenables use of up to eightDRA-DCC-8 units in a multi-dropconfiguration. A set of seven internal DIP switches enablesparameters such as baud rate, unitidentity code, digital input mode(parallel or serial) and output currentspan (4-20 mA or 0-20 mA) to beset by the user.
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