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Digital Tachometer
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  • Four Devices in One: Tachometer, Counter, Totalizer, and Zero Speed Switch
  • Selectable Alarm Relay Output
  • Control Modes are Selectable Between Rate, Time, and Counter
  • User Inputs Allow for Special Functions: Counter Reset, Counter Gate, and Alarm Display
  • Sensor Input Voltage Range: 5 VDC to 24 VDC
  • 5 VDC (50 mA) Sensor Power Supply Provided
  • Non-Volatile Memory for Storage of Custom Settings
  • Universal AC Input Voltage from 85 to 265 Vac
  • NEMA 4X Rating
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The OMDC-DM8000 is an economicalmicroprocessor-based digital tachometersystem capable of measuring shaft speedslower than 1 RPM. With an on-boardmicrocomputer coupled with sophisticatedinternal software and a quartz crystalcontrolled reference frequency, theOMDC-DM8000 is able to maintain accuracyof ±0.04%, even if the shaft is uneven. TheOMDC-DM8000 is field programmablethrough the easy-to-use frontpanel interfaceand can be configured to display any desiredunit of measure. Large 13 mm (½") 4-digitLED display numbers allow viewing underthe most adverse conditions.

The isolated 5 amp form C relay output canbe configured for many different alarmingconditions. Designed to use a variety ofinputs, including the hall-effect solid stateOMDC-PU-E Series pick-up, the systemdelivers trouble free operation at aneconomical cost. The OMDC-DM8000 offersthe same enhanced display options andcapabilities featured in our other digitalcontrol products, as well as the universalpower supply and rugged european-styleterminal strip.

The OMDC-DM8000 can be used in processapplications for monitoring speeds andrates, or counting discrete input signals.Process applications using counting may bebatching, filling, mixing, punching, cutting,drilling, diverting, or alarming. Whileprocess applications using speed or ratemonitoring may be conveyors, conveyorovens, material flow, rotational rpm,and testing.

Line Input
Any voltage from 85 to 265 Vac
    Frequency: Any freq from 48 to 62 Hz
Signal Input Frequency Range: 0 to 100,000 pulses per minute (higher frequencies are possible when using internal frequency divisor)
Resolution: From 0.01 RPM
Accuracy: ±0.04% display update every pulse or 0.5 seconds, whichever is longer Isolated High/Low Alarm Output: 5 A, 230 Vac
Settable Alarm Range: 0 to 9999
Transducer Signal Input: 0 to 5 to 0 to 24 Vdc
Display Range: 0.001 to 99,990
Units of Operation: User programmable, any unit sensor/pickup
Power Supply: 5V @ 50 mA Isolated Alarm Relay Output Ratings: 240 Vac @ 5A MECHANICAL
Display Type: LED, red, 4 digit, 13 mm (½") H Housing Type (With Supplied Gasket in
NEMA 4X Panel): NEMA 4X Connector Style (Pluggable Connector
Optional): 12-position 5 mm european-style Terminal Block Torque Setting: 4.4 in-lb max or 0.5 N-M
Faceplate Material: Polycarbonate with polycarbonate overlay
Housing Material: Aluminum
Length (Panel Depth): 117.5 mm (4.6")
Width: 115.3 mm (4.5")
Weight: 382 g (13.5 oz) ENVIRONMENTAL
Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 45ºC (15 to 115ºF)
Operating Humidity Range: 95%, non-condensing
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