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Liquid Level Transmitters Suitable For Levels to Six Feet
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
LVR20/30 Series
  • Rugged 316SS Construction
  • 4-20 mA or Resistance Output
  • Immune to Changes of Density and Dielectric
  • 1 /4 " Resolution
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The trodeks® LVR20 and LVR30Series continuous liquid levelsensors operate on a basic voltagedivider network principle. As thefloat rises, a magnet in the floatcloses a series of reed switches insequence which varies thetapped-off portion of the voltagedivider resistor network. The LVR20has the basic voltage divideroutput—the regulated DC voltageinput equals the maximum voltageoutput. The LVR20 has a nominal1,200 resistance; thus, with a10 Vdc supply, 8.3 mA of currentare required.

The trodeks® DPF52 or DP24-Epanel meters can be used to powerand display the resistance from theLVR20; when relays are required,the DP25E-A meter can be used.For maximum accuracy, the readoutdevice for the LVR20 should bezero and span adjusted after wiringis completed to compensate for anyeffects due to the resistance of thelead wires. The LVR20 can also bemade intrinsically safe when usedwith trodeks’s intrinsic safetybarriers and when properlypowered. The LVR30 Series isprovided with a signal conditioner toprovide a 4-20 mA output whenpowered by 10-30 Vdc. TheLVR30 Series cannot be madeintrinsically safe.

All LVR30 units are supplied with aJ-box with screw terminal connections. All LVR20 units aresupplied without a J-box with24 inches of bare wire coming out ofthe top of the unit with a 1?2 MNPTconduit connection. All LVR20 andLVR30 Series units can be wired forincreasing output with eitherincreasing or decreasing height ofliquid; standard output is increasingoutput with increasing height. Forother lengths, adaptor systems areavailable. They consist of two parts:the LVR-C coupling (2 x 2 FNPT)and an LVR-A pipe nipple(2 x 2 MNPT) of various lengths tochange the insertion depth of theLVR20 or LVR30 sensor. Whenusing the adaptors, a zero offset isintroduced into the output signalwhich must be compensated for inthe readout device (for example, themA signal will not go down to 4 mA,nor will the voltage output go downto zero).

Retaining clip pliers are required toremove the float when using theadaptor system.
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