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Screw Gear Flowmeter for High Viscosity Liquids
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
  • Pulsation-Free Measurement
  • Lowest Pressure Loss for High Viscosity
  • Short Response Time
  • Up to 1,000,000 Centistoke Viscosity
  • High Accuracy and Wide Ranges
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FHG-1000 flowmeters measure the flow rate basedon the screw pump principle. A pair of rotors fittedprecisely into the housing constitutes the measuringelement. An integrated gear and non-contact signalpick-up system detects the rotations of the measuringelement and converts them to digital pulses. Togetherwith the housing walls, the rotor edges form closedmeasuring chambers in which the fluid is transportedfrom the inlet to the outlet side. The fluid volume putthrough within one main rotor rotation is the rotationvolume, which is divided by the sensing gear anddigitized, processed and output in the sensor module.

Sensor System Explanation
The non-contact pick-up system consists of twoGMR-bridges (sin/cos), which are located in a sensorunit in cartridge design. It detects the movement ofthe sensing gear and routes the sin/cos-signals to thepreamplifier electronics. The preamplifier electronicsdigitize and amplify the sensor signals and multiplythem by a high-resolution interpolator using adjustablesettings. The square wave signals are bidirectional andcan be utilized by any evaluating instrument as well ascomputers and PLC-controls. The resolution isselectable in steps from factor 1 to 128. In case of an1-channel evaluation, a separate directional signal isavailable. An adjustable pulse filter can offset andsuppress negative flows (e.g. generated byvibrations) while still in the device. The frequency of theoutput signals is proportional to the flow (volume flow)and depends on the respective flowmeter size. Thefrequency range is from 0 to 100 kHz. The preamplifieris protected against reverse polarity and incorrectconnection. It is suitable for fluid temperatures of-30 to 120°C (-22 to 248°F) and is mounted directly onthe flowmeter.

Flowmeter Selection
For the trouble-free, safe and reliable operation of theflowmeters, selecting the correct type and size iscritical. Because of the wide variety of applicationsand flowmeter designs, the technical data in thespecifications are of a general nature. Certainproperties of the devices depend on type, size,and measurement range as well as the liquid tobe measured. Please contact the trodeks FlowDepartment for detailed information about theappropriate flowmeter for your particular application.

A special sensor system detects any movement of thepair of rotors or of the liquid column. For this purpose,a precision gear connected to a shaft of the rotor pairis scanned by a special magneto-resistive sensor. Thescanning sensor includes two GMR-bridges (sin/cos)and is housed in a removable stainless steel cartridgecase together with a signal conditioning and amplifierunit. The downstream electronics unit features a highresolutionsin/cos-interpolator, which is adjustable with10 different resolution factors. Furthermore, aprogrammable signal filter is available as well, whichcan offset unwanted negative pulse sequences up toan adjustable degree. In addition, a signal for aseparate direction detection, e.g. in case of a1-channel evaluation, is provided by the electronics.Optionally, this output can be used for the detection ofexcess flows and temperatures.

Frequency Range: 0 to 100 kHz, adjustable
Measurement Accuracy: ±0.5% of measured value with viscosity of > 21 cSt
Repeatability Accuracy: ±0.05% with same operating conditions
Gray Cast Iron Model: EN-GJS-400-15 (EN 1563)/16 Mn Cr 5
Stainless Steel Model: Stainless steel 1.4305/1.4112, others available upon request
Bearing Fluid: Dependent as anti-friction bearing or SSIC/ wolfram carbide friction bearing
    Standard: FPM
    Optional: PTFE, NBR or EPDM
Fluid Temperature: -30 to 120°C (-22 to 248°F)
Viscosity Range: 1 to 1.000.000 cSt
Installation Position: Any
Supply Voltage: 10 to 28 Vdc
Current Consumption: 65 mA at 24 Vdc unloaded
Delay: < 8 µs
Protection Class: IP65
Power Supply
Supply Voltage: u = 10 to 28 Vdc; reverse pole protection
Current Consumption: I0 = 65 mA (at 24 Vdc); unloaded
Delay: tV = 8 µs maximum (between scanning and measured value)
Signal Outputs
Output Signal Shape: Quadrature signals (A, B with 90° phase shift)
Directional Output: Positive high (24V), negative low (0.8 to 1V)
Error Output: Active high (24V), inactive low (0.8 to 1V)
Maximum Output Frequency: 100 kHz
Signal Voltage Output: VSS = 9 to 27 Vdc (channel 1, channel 2, error/direction)
Signal Output: Current Iout = 300 mA maximum at 24 Vdc (channel 1, channel 2)
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