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CL20 Series
  • 0.5°F Accuracy Over the Range of 18°C to 28°C (64°F to 82°F)
  • NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration
  • Simulates and Measures Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermistors and Ohms
  • 0.1°F/0.1°C Resolution
  • 10 Memory Locations for Saving Meter Readings and/or Calibrator Outputs
  • Step Calibrator, Meter Hold, Thermometer Functions
  • Ramp Function (Models CL25 and CL27)
  • Review PDF File (Link Below) for Full Specifications & Features
 Manuals (contact with email : [email protected])


The trodeks CL20 series calibrator/thermometers simulate, measure andrecord RTD, ohm, thermocouple andthermistor signals–all in one meter.They outperform the competition in thelab and on the factory floor with 0.3°C(0.5°F) accuracy and in ambienttemperatures from 18 to 28°C(64 to 82°F).

This powerful handheld meter allowsthe user to calibrate in the field as wellas in the lab and offers many additionalfunctions that translate into costeffectiveness,increased productivityand long-lasting versatility andreliability.

The 5-digit LCD display indicates allactive functions and allows users tohave 0.1° resolution in both Celsius andFahrenheit. This convenient displaytakes the guesswork out of whichsensor has been selected, displaying°C or °F and operating mode.

Programming a CL20 series calibratoris a snap. The keypad allows directentry of calibrator setpoints. Setpointscan also be entered from an outsidesource by inputting temperatures orvoltages through the thermometermode. There are no reprogramminghassles. The program won’t be lostwhen the meter is shut off. All valuesare retained and can be retrieved forfast repeat use.

These calibrators feature 10 memorylocations that can instantly recall anyprogrammed value, and the stepfunction lets the user run through thetest points at the push of a button. Thisefficient feature saves time by allowingthe user to simply enter the outputvalue and calibrate.

The ramp function of Models CL25 andCL27 makes calibrating switch andalarm setpoints quick and easy. Byentering the upper limit, lower limit andstep size, the meter automaticallyramps between the limits. There is alsoa manual ramp function.

No matter what thermocouple type isused, one of these meters can handleit. Features to choose from include 100ohm and 1000 ohm RTD and 2252 ohmthermistor capabilities.

Need to comply with ISO-9000 reporting specifications? These meters can help! All conform to the temperature/voltage tables of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.). trodeks provides a free NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration for your records. Since ISO-9000 requires that calibration be done at the equipment site, these meters are a perfect choice. With 0.3°C (0.5F°) accuracy in an ambient temperature range of 18 to 28°C (64 to 82°F), you’re not confined to the lab. Take it everywhere. The ABS plastic case protects it from dust and dirt.


Display: 5-digit LCD custom indicators for calibration type, unitshold, recall, store, operating mode, bal, loaded memory locations(up to 10)Keypad: Momentary switches with tactile feedback, selectpower, thermocouple type, units, resolution, hold, store/recall,stop/clear, operating mode
Configuration Retention: selected operating mode,thermocouple type, units, resolution and memory contentsretained on power off
Diagnostics: low battery, open input, invalid keypad entry,out of range, internal hardware fault
Accuracy: see ordering matrix for details
Ambient Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F), 0 to 90% RH
Reading Rate: 1 per second
Input Current: 50 nA typical(meter mode)
Output Load: 100 ohms, min. (calibrator mode)
Max. Common Mode Voltage: 42 V peak to earth ground
Power: 9 Vdc battery, alkaline, included
Battery Life: 16 hrs alkaline
Dimensions: 178 H x 74 W x 28 mm D (7.0 x 2.9 x 1.1")
Weight: 340 g (12 oz)
 CL20 Series Temperature Measurement and Calibration Range
K200 to 1371°C-328 to 2502°F0.1°
J-210 to 760°C-346 to 1400°F0.1°
T-200 to 399°C-328 to 752°F0.1°
E-230 to 999°C-382 to 1832°F0.1°
N200 to 1299°C-328 to 2372°F0.1°
B499 to 1815°C932 to 3308°F0.1°
R0 to 1768°C32 to 3214°F0.1°
S0 to 1768°C32 to 3214°F0.1°
G299 to 2315°C572 to 4201°F0.1°
C0 to 2315°C32 to 4201°F0.1°
D0 to 2315°C32 to 4201°F0.1°
RTD-200 to 849°C-328 to 1562°F0.1°
Series 400
-40 to 150°C-40 to 302°F0.1°

CL26 and CL27 Resistance Measurement
and Calibration Outputs
Ohms RangeResolutionModels
0-100Ω0.01ΩCL26 & CL27

TC TypesPlatinum
0 to:
Accuracy Calibrator
& Thermometer
CL23AK, J, T------------±0.3°C from -46 to 677°C
0.04% over 677°C
±0.5°C under -46°C
CL24K, J, T, E------------0.04% over 677°C
±0.5°C under -46°C
CL25K,J,T,E,N,R,S,B,G,C,D------------±0.3°C full scale K,J,T,E,N
0.8°C full scale B,R,S,G,C,D
CL26K, J, T ,E100Ω400 Series
100 kΩ

±0.3°C from -46 to 677°C
0.04% over 677°C
±0.5°C under -46°C
Ωs: 0.04% of range
±0.3°C RTD & thermistor
±0.3°C full scale K,J,T,E,N
0.8°C full scale B,R,S,G,C,D
Ωs: 0.02% of range
0.1°C full scale RTD
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