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AVK Series Feed Through DIN Rail Mounting Terminal Blocks- 600V- 20 to 175 Amp- 26 to 6-2-0 AWG
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DIN Rail Terminal Blocks, Feed Through and Ground
  • Screw Connection
  • Vibration Resistant, Maintenance Free Connection
  • Self-Locking Zinc Plated Wire Clamps
  • 600V Rated, UL 94 V2 Polyamide 6.6 Housing
  • Full Line of Accessories - End Plates, Cross Connectors and Marking Tags
  • Stock Colors in Grey, Blue and Red
  • Also Available in Yellow, Beige and Green
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The AVK Series Feed Through Terminal Blocks offer savings in cost, space and time. These terminal blocks mount on standard 35 x 15mm and 35 x 7.5 mm DIN rails and are design to meet world wide standards. The AVK terminal blocks come in all wire ranges and no pre-treatment of the wire is necessary, even for stranded wire. A full line of accessories are available including end plates, end brackets, cross connectors for bridging and marking tags.

The AVK terminal block plastic housing is made from polyamide 6.6 thermoplastic resin with a UL 94 V2 rating for 105°C. This assures ample dielectric strength for any industrial application. The screws and clamps are made of steel with zinc plating, and together they generate a high locking action and provides an excellent vibration and corrosion resistant connection.

The AVK series ground terminal blocks meet the strict requirements for low contact resistance, corrosion-free connection points, secured screws, green and yellow color coding and clear circuit identification. Since these terminal blocks are properly insulated, they can be positioned next to current carrying terminals. The grounding terminal blocks are structurally designed to mechanically and electrically connect to mounting rails, when DIN rails are mounted to the metal cabinet or sub-panels and properly connected to ground, the proper grounding process is complete.

AVK-2.5 AVK-4 AVK-6 AVK-10 AVK-16 AVK-35 AVK-70
Voltage/Current 750V/26 A 750V/34 A 750V/44 A 750V/61 A 750V/82 A 750V/135 A 750V/192 A
(IEC 60947-7-1)
750V/24 A 750V/32 A 630V/41 A 630V/57 A 750V/76 A 750V/125 A  
UL/CSA 600V/20 A 600V/30 A 600V/50 A 600V/65 A 600V/85 A 600V/115 A 600V/175 A
ATEX 630V/21 A 400V/28 A 630V/36 A 500V/50 A 630V/66 A 630V/109 A 1000V/167 A
Strip Length
10 mm 10 mm 12 mm 12 mm 16 mm 18 mm 20 mm
AWG 26-12 26-10 26-8 16-6 12-4 8-1 6-2/0
Installed Dimensions
Width 5 mm 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm 16 mm 22 mm
Length 44 mm 44 mm 44 mm 44 mm 50 mm 50 mm 74 mm
Height 44.5 mm 44.5 mm 44.5 mm 44.5 mm 55.5 mm 55.5 mm 67.5 mm
End Plate-
AVK-EP-210 AVK-EP-210 AVK-EP-210 AVK-EP-210 AVK-EP-16 Included Included
OM-474122 OM-474132 OM-474142 OM-474152 OM-474162 OM-474172
OM-474123 OM-474133 OM-474143 OM-474153 OM-474163 OM-474173
OM-474124 OM-474134 OM-474144 OM-474154 OM-474164 OM-474174
OM-474129 OM-474139 OM-474149 OM-474159 OM-474169 OM-474179

AVK-2.5/4T AVK-6/10T AVK-16/35T
Strip Length
10 mm 12 mm 18 mm
AWG 26-10 16-8 40088
Installed Dimensions
Width 6 mm 10 mm 16 mm
Length 42 mm 42 mm 50 mm
Height 44.5 mm 44.5 mm 55.5 mm
End Plate-
Included Included Included
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