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Tongue Operated Safety Interlock Switches
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  • 4 Actuator Entry Positions–Designed with a Rotatable Head
  • Plastic or 316 SS Head
  • Options
  • 3 Pole Contact Blocks
  • 3 Conduit Entries
  • Industry Standard Fitting: 52 W x 98 L x 40 mm Fixing (2.05 x 3.86 x 1.57")
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KP and K-SS Series tongueoperated safety interlock switchesare designed to fit to the leadingedge of sliding, hinged or liftoff machine guards to providepositively operated switchingcontacts and provide a tamperresistant, not easily defeatable keymechanism. They will provide arobust position interlock detectionfor moving guards.

Depending upon the riskassessment for the application,they can be used independentlyto provide positively operatedcontacts to EN60947-5-1 orthey can be used in combinationwith any dual channel safetymonitoring relays to provide upto Category 4 PLe ISO13849-1or SIL3 EN62061. They offer achoice of various actuators to aidinstallation and maintain durability.

The switch is rigidly mountedto the frame of the guard ormachine. The actuator is fittedto the moving part (frame) of theguard and is aligned to the switchentry aperture. The actuatorprofile is designed to match acam mechanism within the switchhead and provides a positivelyoperated, not easily defeatableinterlock switch. When the actuatoris inserted into the switch thesafety contacts close and allowthe machine start circuit to beenabled. When the actuator iswithdrawn from the switch thesafety contacts are positivelyopened and the machine circuit isbroken. KP Series switches usehigh specification plastic housingsand are sealed to NEMA 6 (IP67)and provide long term protectionagainst moisture ingress.

K-SS Series switches have arugged 316 stainless steel bodyand have been designed to copewith the rigorous applicationsof the food processing,pharmaceutical, packaging andpetrochemical industries. Theyhave IP69K enclosure protectionand can be pressure hosed withdetergent at high pressure andtemperature.

Standards: ISO14119, EN60947-5-1, EN60204-1, ISO13849-1, EN62061 UL508
Safety Classification and Reliability Data
Mechanical Reliability B10d: 2.5 x 106 operations at 100 mA load
ISO13849-1: Up to PLe depending uponsystem architecture
EN62061: Up to SIL3 depending uponsystem architecture
Safety Data – Annual Usage: 8 cyclesper hour/24 hours per day/365 days
PFHd: 3.44 x 10-8
Proof Test Interval (Life): 35 years
MTTFd: 356 years
Utilization Category: AC15 A300 3A
Thermal Current (lth): 5A
Rated Insulation/Withstand Voltages: 500 Vac/2500 Vac
Travel for Positive Opening: 8 mm (0.31")
Actuator Entry Minimum Radius:
    Standard: 175 mm (6.89")
    Flexible: 100 mm (3.93")
Maximum Approach/Withdrawal Speed: 600 mm/s
Body Material:
    KP Series: Polyester
    K-SS Series: 316 SS
Head Material:
    KP Series: Polyester or 316 SS
    K-SS Series: 316 SS
Enclosure Protection:
    KP Series: NEMA 6 (IP67)
    K-SS Series: NEMA 6 (IP67), NEMA PW12 (IP69K)
Operating Temperature: -25 to 80°C (-13 to 176°F)
Vibration: IEC 68-2-6, 10 to 55 Hz + 1 Hz; excursion: 0.35 mm, 1 octave/min
Conduit Entry: 1/2 NPT or M12 8-way (See to Order Table Below)
Fixing: 2 x M5
Weight (of Switch):
    KP Series: 160 g (0.35 lb)
    K-SS Series: 635 g (1.40 lb)
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