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Digital Thermocouple Thermometers
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  • Superior Accuracy ±(0.04% |rdg| + 0.3°C)
  • Comes with NIST Traceable Certificate
    (No Points)
  • Probe Offset Adjustment
  • Very Long, 2000 Hour, Battery Life
  • Displays Real-Time Statistical Data
  • Creative Ergonomic Design
  • Comes with 1 Type K Thermocouple per channel. built in Tilt Stand Magnetic Mount and batteries
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trodeks’s new precision digitalthermometers are compatiblewith Type K, J, T or Ethermocouple probes to providea wide range of temperaturemeasurements from -250 to1372°C (-418 to 2502°F). TheHH911T and HH912T modelsoffer single and dual channelinputs and boast a 2000hour battery life using 3 AAbatteries that are included. Bothmodels provide a dependableand uninterrupted portablemeasurement capability withoutexpensive batteries, AC adaptorsor chargers.

The creative ergonomic designof these instruments makesthem easy-to-read, hold, andclean. Designed for one-handedoperation, these tools arecomfortable to carry and usefor extended periods of time.

Real-time statistical dataincreases user productivity,process efficiency and productquality. Displayed on-demandMIN, MAX, AVG, RNG andSTDEV (standard deviation)provide critical process informationand diagnostics that allow theuser to analyze manufacturingprocesses on the fly and makeimmediate adjustments formaximum efficiency and quality.The temperature differencebetween Channel 1 andChannel 2 are also determinedand displayed on demand.

trodeks backs these durableinstruments with a standard 3-yearwarranty and a 2-year calibrationguarantee to ensure that yourinstrument is ready-to-use whenyou need it. Each unit is supplied with a NIST Calibration Certificate (No points).

Basic Accuracy: ±(0.04% |rdg| +0.3°C)
Connector Type: Mini-TC
Probe Zero Function: Resolution0.1°C/°F/K
Display: 4-digit auto-resolution(0.1/1) with backlight and functionannunciators
Reading Rate: 3/sec for readings andTREND indicators
Battery Type: 3 “AA” (IEC LR6,ANSI 15) alkaline (included)
Battery Life: 2000 hours
Statistics: Min, Max, Avg, Rng, T1-T2(HH912T only) and Std Dev
Clock: Elapsed statistics run time
Dimensions: 193 H x 84 W x 28 D mm(7.6 x 3.3 x 1.1")
Weight: 362.9 g (12.8 oz)
Warranty: 3 year parts andworkmanship
Calibration: Guaranteed for 2 years
Operating Environment
Temperature: -20 to 55°C(-4 to 131°F)
Humidity: 5 to 95%, 10 to 30°C(50 to 86°F)
Altitude: 0 to 4600 m (0 to 15,092')
Vibration: Random 10 to 500 Hz,0.03 g2/Hz
Shock: 30 g half sine
Drop: 4 drops from 1 m (3.3')to concrete

Common Thermocouple Temperature Ranges
Calibration Temperature
Standard Limits
of Error
Special Limits
of Error
J 0° to 750°C
(32° to 1382°F)
Greater of 2.2°C
or 0.75%
Greater of 1.1°C
or 0.4%
K -200° to 1250°C
(-328° to 2282°F)
Greater of 2.2°C
or 0.75%
Greater of 1.1°C
or 0.4%
E -200° to 900°C
(-328° to 1652°F)
Greater of 1.7°C
or 0.5%
Greater of 1.0°C
or 0.4%
T -250° to 350°C
(-328° to 662°F)
Greater of 1.0°C
or 0.75%
Greater of 0.5°C
or 0.4%
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