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Ice Point Calibration Reference Chamber and Temperature Reference Probes- High Precision Base Model TRCIII
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
  • A 0°C (32°F) Thermoelectric “Refrigerator”
  • Eliminates Old Fashioned “Ice Bath”
  • For Versatile Use in the Factory, Laboratory, Instrument Shop
  • Calibration of All Temperature Instruments and Sensors
  • Rugged Outer Case for Safe Portability
  • Accepts Up to 6 Probes
  • Available in 120 or 220 Vac Models
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Available
  • Companion Dry Block Probe Calibrator Available (Model CL900/950)
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The TRC ice pointTM Reference Chamber relies on the equilibrium of ice and distilled, deionized water at atmospheric pressure to maintain six reference wells at precisely 0°C. The wells extend into a sealed cylindrical chamber containing the distilled, deionized water. The outer walls of the chambers are cooled by thermo-electric cooling elements. The increase in volume produced by the creation of ice crystals within the cell is sensed by the expansion of a bellows, which operates a microswitch and controls the cooling elements. The alternate freezing and thawing of the ice accurately maintains a 0°C environment around the reference wells.

The automatic operational features of this instrument eliminate the need for frequent attention, required of common ice baths. On-off cycling of a pilot light indicates proper operation of the unit at ice point temperature.

Any combination of thermocouples may be used with this instrument by simply inserting the reference probes in the reference wells. Calibration of other types of temperature sensors at 0°C may also be performed.

When accurate temperature measurements are required, the TRCIII ice point Chamber delivers the precision you need. The reference wells are maintained at 0°C to within ±0.1°C and a stability of ±0.04°C for constant ambient. Continuous cycling operation maintains constant equilibrium conditions within the cell, eliminating the slow drift often experienced in common ice baths as melting occurs.

TRP reference probes, used with the TRCIII, provide a junction from thermocouple alloys to copper wire, at the probe tip. When inserted into the TRCIII, TRP probes enable the change from thermocouple alloy to copper at 0°C, for accurate cold junction compensation.
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