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Laboratory-Grade Benchtop Closed Loop Wind Tunnel
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
  • Quick Access Panel
  • Sensor Ports (6)
  • Wind Tunnel Controller
  • High Quality Flow, Low Turbulence
  • Applications
  • High Temperature Testing
  • Heat Sink Characterization
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Component Testing
  • Aerodynamic and Pressure Drop Measurement
  • Multiple Pcb Testing
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The WT-3115 is a research-qualityclosed loop wind tunnel thatprovides a convenient, accuratesystem for thermally characterizingPCBs and individual components atelevated temperatures from ambientto 85°C (185?F).The WT-3115 wind tunnel producesair flows up to 5 m/s (1000 ft/min).With customization, it can generateflows up to 50 m/s (10,000 ft/min)using orifice plates (availableoptionally). The clear polycarbonatetest section lets the user view thetest specimen and allows forflow visualization.Unlike open loop wind tunnels, theWT-3115 recirculates internal air.This allows the system heater torapidly warm the air to a specifictemperature. The testing of boardsand components in hot air is arequirement in some NEBS andother standards. The precisecontrols and temperature rangeof the WT-3115 wind tunnel allowsits use for testing heat sinkperformance and for calibratingair and temperature sensorsThe complete wind tunnel fits onmost lab benches and is poweredfrom standard AC outlets. It has asmaller footprint than traditional,closed loop wind tunnels orenvironmental test chambers.The WT-3115 is provided with acontroller for controlling the flow andtemperature in the wind tunnel. Thecontroller comes with a graphicaluser interface to automate the windtunnel operation.The WT-3115 test section can beaccessed from the top door or sidesfor mounting and repositioning ofboards, components and sensors.Internal rail guides provide an easymechanism to install test specimensof different sizes (e.g., PCB,heat sink).Instrument ports (6) are providedin the side walls of the test sectionfor placing temperature andvelocity sensors such asthermocouples, pitot tubesand hot-wire anemometers.

Wind Tunnel: 220.8 L x 49.3 W x 86.5 cm H (86.9 x 19.4 x 34")
Test Section: 77.6 L x 26 W x 11.6 cm H (30.5 x 10.2 x 4.5")
Number of Sensor Ports: 6
Flow Range: 0 to 5 m/s (0 to 1000 ft/min)
Flow Uniformity: ±1%
Flow Accuracy: ±2%
Temperature Range: Up to 85°C (185°F)
Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C
Weight: 65 kg (231 lb)
Main AC Voltage: 220 Vac
Main AC Fuse: 20 Amps
Minimum Support Table Size: 140 L x 50 cm W (55 x 19.7")
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