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110 KS-s 12-Bit Low Cost A-D Boards
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OME-PCI-1002L, OME-PCI-1002H
  • PCI Bus
  • 12-Bit 110 KHz A/D Converter
  • 32 Single-Ended/16 Differential Inputs
  • 110 KS/s Sampling Rate: OME-PCI-1002L-110KS/s OME-PCI-1002H-40KS/s; (Single Channel or Multiple Channels)
  • Three Different External Triggers: Post-Trigger, Pre-Trigger, External Pacer Trigger
  • 16 Digital Input/16 Digital Output Channels
  • OME-PCI-1002L: Programmable Low Gain: 1, 2, 4, 8
  • OME-PCI-1002H: Programmable High Gain: 1, 10, 100, 1000
  • Half Size Board
  • Includes Software Development Kit
 Manuals (contact with email : [email protected])


The OME-PCI-1002 series is afamily of PCI bus A/D boards. Theyfeature a 110 KHz data acquisitionunder DOS and Windows. Theboards provides 32 single-ended or16 differential inputs, 16 digital inputand 16 digital output channels.The -H means high gain model andthe -L means low gain model. TheOME-PCI-1002 series providesthree flexible external triggermodes; post-trigger, pre-trigger,middle trigger.

Software Development Kit
All boards are supplied with astandard software development kitfor Windows 98/NT/2000/XP. Thesoftware development kit includesDLL files for programming in C, C++or other high level languages andOCX files for Visual Basic or ActiveX programming. LabView driversare also included.

The OME-PCI-1002 includes16-channels of digital input and16-channels of digital output.A OME-DB-8025 screw terminalpanel can be used to connectto the digital I/O lines.The OME-DB-16P isolated digitalinput board and OME-DB-16R relayboard can be used to connect thedigital I/O on the OME-PCI-1002 toreal world signals.

In order to connect to analog and digital signals a variety of terminal panels, digital input and relay boards are available for the OME-PCI-1002.See the Related Links section on this page for more details on these accessories.

OME-DB-1825 Screw Terminal Panel for Analog Input Channels.
Analog Input Screw Terminal Board
  OME-DB-8025 Screw Terminal Panel for Digital Input Channels
Digital I/O Screw Terminal Board

  OME-ADP-20/PCI 20-pin Extender 20 Pin Extender
OME-DB-16P 16 Channel Isolated Digital Input Board Digital Input Board   OME-DB-16R 16 Channel SPDT Relay Output Board Relay Output Board  


OME-PCI-1002L: 32 single-ended/ 16 differential
Resolution: 12 bits
Conversion Rate: 40 KS/s max.
Input Impedance: 10,000 M//6pF
Overvoltage Protection: ±35V
Accuracy: 0.01% of reading, ±1 bit
Linearity: ±1 bit

OME-PCI-1002H Input Ranges(High Gain)
1±10 V44 K/s
10±1 V36 K/s
100±0.1 V7 K/s
1000±0.01 V0.8 K/s

OME-PCI-1002L Input Ranges(Low Gain)
1±10V110 K/s
2±5V110 K/s
4±2.5V110 K/s
8±1.25V110 K/s

16 channels; TTL levels
Input Low: VIL = 0.8 V max,IIL = 4 mA
Input High: VIH = 2.0 V min,IIH = -20 µA max
Outputs: 16 channels; TTL levels
Output Low: 0.5 V max,IOL = 4 mA max
Output High: 2.7 V min,IOH = -400 µA max

Internal Pacer Timer:
16-bit, 8 MHz input
External Pacer Timer:16-bit, 8 MHz input
Machine Independent Timer:16-bit, 8 MHz input

Operating Temperature:

0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Storage Temperature:
-20 to 70°C (22 to 130°F)
Humidity: 0 to 90% RHnon-condensing
175 L x 105 mm H(6.9 x 4.1")
Power Requirements:+5 V @ 350 mA (max)
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