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Cement-On Surface Thermocouples
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  • Response Time in Milliseconds
  • Made from 0.0005" Foil and 0.010" Diameter Thermocouple Wire
  • Very Low Thermal Inertia
  • Four Calibrations "K", "E", "J" and "T"
  • Three Styles Ideal for Surface Measurement
  • Lead lengths: Style 1 and 3 are 1m (40") long. Style 2 is 150mm (6") long, standard. Additional lengths are available on request.
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trodeks introduces its Cement-On, fast response thermocouples for fast surface temperature measurementapplications in three convenient styles. Styles 1 and 2 are made from 0.0005" thermocouple alloy foil by a specialprocess where the butt welded thermocouple junction is 0.0005" in thickness. Styles 1 and 2 are flat, extremely lowinertia construction and are an ideal means of measuring the temperature of both flat and curved metals, plastic andceramic surfaces where very fast response is desired.

trodeks's Cement-On Style 1 and 2 thermocouples are fabricated from ANSI "Special Limits of Error" gradethermocouple materials in "K", "E" and "T" calibrations and yield accurate temperature indication when used withstandard thermocouple instrumentation. Styles 1 and 2 have the fastest response. Style 3 is an economy versionconstructed from 0.010" diameter bead welded standard limit of error thermocouple wire. It should be used whereextremely fast response is not essential.

Cement-On Style 1 thermocouples are the easiest to install. The foil sensor is embedded between two paper thin, glass reinforced high temperature polymer laminates which both support and electrically insulate the foil section as well as provide a flat surface for cementing. The polymer/glass laminate, in general, determines the maximum temperature of the construction which is 260°C (500°F) continuous and up to 370°C (698°F) for short duration. Each Style 1 unit includes 1m (40")of glass braid insulated 30 gage thermocouple wire which is bonded to the foil and strain relieved by laminate. An application instruction sheet accompanies each packaged Cement-On type thermocouples.

trodeks Cement-On Style 2 thermocouples are recommended where extremely fast surface temperature measurement response time is a requirement. Intimate thermal coupling for this style is achieved by directly bonding the foil junction area to the surface to be measured. For ease of handling, the foil leads come fastened to a polyimide film frame which is tough, flexible, dimensional, stable material rated for 260°C (500°F) continuous service. During application, the foil thermocouple can be peeled from the frame or released by the application of heat. As an alternate, portions of the frame may be cut away by scissor or knife.

The 150 mm (6") uninsulated foil leads are of 0.05 mm (.002") material and thus are fragile and should be handled with care during installation. NOTE: It is imperative that the leads be electrically insulated from each other as well as being mechanically supported. This can be achieved, for example, by laying and brushing the leads into a layer of insulating cement or epoxy. Before doing this on electrically conductive surfaces, it is best to lay down and let dry, a thin layer of the cement to insure that the leads are insulated from the surface. Insulated thermocouple lead wire can be bonded to the foil leads by silver soldering, or resistance welding. Thirty gage, or smaller lead wire is suggested. An application instruction sheet accompanies each package of thermocouples.

Cementing of the junction and lead may be achieved by using trodeks® CC high temperature cement for temperatures above 260°C (500°F); trodeksBOND® OB-101 or OB-200 epoxies for temperatures below 260°C (500°F). Please note more care is required to install the Style 2 than Style 1 or 3. It is suggested that at least one additional unit be ordered as some experimentation may be necessary to learn the technique of application for these thermocouples.

Style 3 thermocouples are constructed of 30 gage (0.010") diameter "Standard Limits of Error" wire. The welded bead thermocouple is embedded in a paper-thin laminate intended for surface applications by bonding with added adhesive. Color-coded, glass braid insulated 1m (40") leads are supplied. Style 3 probes can be used over the range of -190 to 370°C (-310 to 698°F) depending on the adhesive or cement used, the time of exposure and the environment.

Model No. Style Thermocouple Type Length
mm (inches)
Maximum Temperature °C* (°F)
Continuous 600 hr. 10 hr.
CO1-K1K CHRtrodeks®-ALtrodeks1m (40")260 (500)315 (600)370 (700)
CO1-EE CHRtrodeks®-Constantan1m (40")260 (500)315 (600)370 (700)
CO1-TT Copper - Constantan1m (40")150 (300)205 (400)260 (500)
CO2-K2K CHRtrodeks®-ALtrodeks®150 mm (6")540 (1000)540 (1000)650 (120)
CO2-EE CHRtrodeks®-Constantan150 mm (6")425 (800)425 (800)540 (1000)
CO2-TT Copper-Constantan150 mm (6")150 (300)150 (300)260 (500)
CO3-J3J Iron - Constantan1m (40")260 (500)370 (700)370 (700)
CO3-KK CHRtrodeks®-ALtrodeks®1m (40")260 (500)370 (700)370 (700)
CO3-EE CHRtrodeks®-Constantan1m (40")260 (500)370 (700)370 (700)
CO3-TT Copper-Constantan1m (40")205 (400)260 (500)370 (700)

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