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RS485 Output Silicon Pressure Transmitter
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
  • Up to 640 Readings/Second
  • Micro-Machined Silicon Sensor
  • 316L SS Wetted Parts
  • High ±0.08% BSL Accuracy
  • RS485 and Analog Outputs
  • Excellent Long Term Stability
  • M12 Connection
  • Ruggedized with Secondary Containment
 Manuals (contact with email : [email protected])


FREE trodeks® Downloadable Software!
Free trodeks PC software takes the data from the transmitter directly to the digital domain, turning your laptop or Windows® tablet into a virtual meter, chart recorder, or data logger. Also included are .NET APIs and a command set for command-line access.

Note: RS485 to PC interface is required, sold separately

Charting Window – The addition of a charting window allows you to see your data graphed in real time. The Y axis is configurable to allow simultaneous graphing of multiple engineering units. You can output the image of your data to a png file.

Channels Window - Display data from all of your sensors simultaneously. Each channel has configurable user alarms, three data filters, tare, resettable low/high indication, and sample rates ranging from 30 minutes to 640Hz.

Logging Window – A new xls filetype output option presents preformatted data for readability. In addition, Live Statistics are displayed, including the sensor information, the start/stop time, the number of samples taken, the current reading, and the High/Low readings. With the logging window, you can capture your data for later analysis.

The PX409 RS485 Series is an industrial RS485Silicon Pressure sensor. Use stand-alone for up to640 Hz sampling rate, or connect up to 16 units inan independent multidrop RS485 network at 1 Hzoverall bus sampling rate. Interface to the sensorusing command line access, or use trodeks’sFree PC software to chart, log, display, and outputdata for analysis. An additional analog output (0 to5V, or 4 to 20 mA) provides even more flexibility.The micro-machined silicon design is ideal forpressure or level applications in laboratory, testplatforms, or bio/pharmaceutical applications aswell as industrial applications that require a rugged,high accuracy transmitter that can transmit overlong distances. The micro-machined silicon sensorprovides a very stable transmitter with exceptionalhigh accuracy of ±0.08% and a broad compensatedrange of -29 to 85°C (-20 to 185°F). The modularconstruction allows for fast delivery of mostconfigurations and fittings.

Supply: 12 to 36 Vdc (when using mA output, derate usingformula in operating temperature section)
Maximum Loop Ω: (Supply-9) x 50
Accuracy: 0.08% BSL (linearity, hysteresis and repeatabilitycombined)
Resolution: Up to 5.5 significant figures
Zero Balance: ±0.5% FS typical 1% maximum (1% typical, 2%maximum for 2.5 psi and below)
Span Setting: ±0.5% FS typical 1% maximum (1% typical, 2%maximum for 2.5 psi and below). Calibrated in verticaldirection with fitting down
Temperature Compensation (Over Compensated Range):
    Span: Range > 5 psi: ±0.5%; Range ≤ 5 psi: ±1.0%
    Zero: Range > 5 psi: ±0.5%; Range ≤ 5 psi: ±1.0%
Minimum Isolation: 100 MΩ @ 50 Vdc case to sensor, 2 MO @ 50 Vdc case to output terminations
Pressure Cycles: 1 million, minimum
Long Term Stability (1-Year): ±0.1% full scale typical
Power Consumption
  -5V: 0.65 W typical
  -I: 1.25 W maximum
Secondary Containment
  Gage/Vacuum/Compound Pressure:
    10 inH2O to 5 psi: to 1000 psi
    15 to 1000 psi: to 3000 psi
    1500 to 5000 psi: to 10,000 psi
  Absolute/Barometric Pressure:
    5 to 1000 psia: to 6000 psia
    1500 to 5000 psia: to 10,000 psia
  Gage/Vacuum/Compound Pressure:
    10 inH2O: 10 times span
    1 psi: 6 times span
    2.5 psi to 1000 psi: 4 times span
    1500 psi to 5000 psi: 7250 psi maximum
  Absolute/Barometric Pressure:
    5 psia: 6 times span
    15 psia to 1000 psia: 4 times span
    1500 to 5000 psia: 7250 psia maximum
Secondary Containment
  Gage/Vacuum/Compound Pressure:
    25 to 350 mb: to 70 bar
    1 to 70 bar: to 200 bar
    100 to 350 bar: to 700 bar
  Absolute/Barometric Pressure:
    350 mb to 70 bar: to 400 bar
    100 to 350 bar: to 700 bar
  Gage/Vacuum/Compound Pressure:
    25 mb: 10 times span
    70 mb: 6 times span
    170 mb to 100 bar: 4 times span
    175 to 350 bar: 500 bar maximum
  Absolute/Barometric Pressure:
    350 mb to 100 bar Absolute: 4 times span
    175 to 350 bar Absolute: 500 bar maximum
Wetted Parts: 316L stainless steel
Weight: 200 g (7 oz)
Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F);when using mA output; maximum ambient temperature= 106 + (0.038) R-(2.1)V where R = Loop Ω and V = Vsupply
Compensated Temperature
    Ranges >5 psi: -29 to 85°C (-20 to 185°F)
    Ranges ≤5 psi: -17 to 85°C (0 to 185°F)
    Ranges > 350 mb: -29 to 85°C (-20 to 185°F)
    Ranges ≤ 350 mb: -17 to 85°C (0 to 185°F)
Pressure Port:
  Imperial: ¼–18 NPT male
  Metric: G-¼ male
A to D Conversion: 24-bit
Output: RS485 digital with discrete analog(choose 0 to 5 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA)
DAC Conversion: 300 Hz at 16 bit
  Multidrop Mode: Overall Bus rate: DC to 1 update persecond typical
  Standalone Mode: DC to 640 updates per second
ESD Protection: Tested to 4 kV to case and shielded wire
  Digital Outputs: Protection device rated to ±13 kV
  Analog Output: Protection device rated:
    Contact: ±8 kV min, ±30 kV max
    Air: ±15 kV min, ±30 kV max
Electrical Termination: 8-pin M12 type A male with shieldpin connection (IEC61076-2-101); female M12 connectorM12.8-S-F-FM with screw terminals sold separately
CE Compliant:
  Emissions: Meets industrial EN61326.
  Susceptibility (10 V/m): Digital: ±0.009%, 0 to 5 Vdc:±0.18%, 4 to 20 mA: ±0.006%; tested using 7.6 m (25') shielded 6 conductor cable
Environmental Protection: IP65
RS485 (Non-Isolated):
  Protocol: trodeks command structure (provided),addressable or non addressed stand-alone
  Unit Load: 1/8
  Standalone and Addressed Multidrop ModesRecommended Cable: Belden 9843 or equivalent
  For Stated EMC Performance: Tie drain wire to shieldconnection on PX409-485 side, and tie drain to earthground on supply side
  Maximum Number of Units on One RS485 Bus:16 units software-enabled 120Ω termination resistor
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