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High Temperature Inconel Overbraided Ceramic Fiber Insulated Thermocouples
TRODEKS Engineering | Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, Flow Meters, PID Controllers
  • High Temperature Ceramic Insulation with Inconel Overbraid
  • Flexible, Abrasion Resistant
  • Withstand Temperatures up to 1090°C (2000°F)
  • Unexcelled Oven and Furnace Profiling
  • Five Convenient Styles for Easy Application
  • J, K, E or N Thermocouple Calibrations
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Unique trodeks® family of high temperature types J, K, E or N thermocouples are double-protected with abrasion-resistant Inconel overbraid with high temperature ceramic fiber insulation. A temperature rating of 980°C (1800°F)continuous service and 1090°C (2000°F) short-term service makes these products ideal for many high temperature measurement applications. They are unexcelled for profiling ovens and furnaces. The 20-gage solid conductor thermocouple wires are insulated with braided Nextel® ceramic Over the ceramic fiber is a rugged overbraid of Inconel 600® –a tough, high-temperature, high nickel content alloy. Five convenient styles are available in 3 ft. and 10 ft. lengths for high temperature measurement applications.

Wire Gage: 20 gage solid–standard limits of error
Insulation: Nextel® ceramic fiber
Overbraiding & Fittings: Inconel 600®
Temperature: 980°C (1800°F) continuous,1090°C ( 2000°F) short-term service, dependingon thermocouple type.
Termination: Ceramic beaded leads with compensated spade lugs, trodeks® OSTW 220°C (425°F)male connector, or trodeks® NHXH high temperature 650°C (1200°F) ceramic male connector

Probe Style
  Style 1   A grounded junction thermocouple with the Inconel overbraid welded to form a smooth rounded tip for all general purpose applications.
Style 2 A general purpose, bead welded, exposed junction thermocouple.
Style 3 An exposed junction, bead welded junction thermocouple with an Inconel collar to clamp the probe to a surface, or to secure it into a hole or any fabrication.
Style 4 Grounded junction. It can be bolted to a surface, or the Inconel eye can hook the thermocouple to a conveyor flight. Ungrounded junction versions are available. Contact sales for more information.
Style 5 Has an Inconel air hood to protect the beaded wire exposed junction. This design can be clamped to a surface, hooked to a conveyor flight, or bolted to a surface by using the through hole at the open end of the hood.

Model NumberProbe StyleTermination Type
XCIB-(*)-1-1-(**) 1 1
XCIB-(*)-1-2-(**) 2
XCIB-(*)-1-3-(**) 3
XCIB-(*)-1-4-(**) 4
XCIB-(*)-2-1-(**) 2 1
XCIB-(*)-2-2-(**) 2
XCIB-(*)-2-3-(**) 3
XCIB-(*)-2-4-(**) 4
XCIB-(*)-3-1-(**) 3 1
XCIB-(*)-3-2-(**) 2
XCIB-(*)-3-3-(**) 3
XCIB-(*)-3-4-(**) 4
XCIB-(*)-4-1-(**) 4 1
XCIB-(*)-4-2-(**) 2
XCIB-(*)-4-3-(**) 3
XCIB-(*)-4-4-(**) 4
XCIB-(*)-5-1-(**) 5 1
XCIB-(*)-5-2-(**) 2
XCIB-(*)-5-3-(**) 3
XCIB-(*)-5-4-(**) 4
* Specify Thermocouple Type: J: Iron-Constantan, K: CHRtrodeks®-ALtrodeks®, E: CHRtrodeks®-Constantan, N: trodeksLLOY®-NICROSIL-NISILUse prefix of “ CAL-” for assemblies to be supplied with calibration data at specified temperatures. Check Sales Dept. for pricing
** Specify length in feet. 3' or 10' standard.
Note: Available with Silica insulation. Change “XCIB” in model number to “XSIB”. No additional charge.

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