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SCR Power Controllers for Electrical Resistance Heaters
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SCR19 and SCR39 Series
  • Zero Crossing or Phase Angle Fired
  • Single or Three Phase Load Switching
  • Extends Heater Life Reduces Thermal Shock
  • No Maintenance All Solid State Components
  • Close Control of Low Mass Heaters
  • Phase Angle with Soft Start for High Inrush Heaters
  • No Relay Noise Contact Arc Noise Eliminated
  • Semiconductor I2T Fusing
  • Optically Isolated Control Signal Input
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The SCR19 Series PowerControllers are designed toproportion electric power to resistiveloads only, such as ovens, furnaces,heat sealers, etc. (NOTE: They arenot designed to drive transformers orany inductive load.) The controllersconsist of power semi-conductors(SCRs), properly-sized heat sinks,trigger circuitry, and fuses suppliedon panels for surface mounting.The power controller accepts a4 to 20 mA dc output from atemperature controller or can besupplied with manual option usinga remote potentiometer.

The SCR19 Series controllers offerstwo methods of proportional control –Zero-voltage-switched andPhase-angled-fired. With theZero-voltage-switching mode, thecontroller switches on complete cycles of the ac supply voltage. Thetrigger circuit is designed to turn onthe SCRs as close as possible to thepoint where the AC sine wavecrosses through zero. In effect, theline voltageis turned on and off and applied tothe heaters in whole cycles. With aninput of 4 to 20 mA, the output will beoff below 4 mA and full on at 20 mA.Proportioning action is obtained byvarying the number of cycles on tothe number of cycles off. The outputwill vary from one cycle on and ninecycles off at low input, to all cycleson at maximum input. This output isintegrated by the heaters whichproduce a smoothly proportioningheat output that varies directly withthe input signal. With thePhase-angle-fired mode, the powerto the load is controlled by governingthe point of turn on (firing) of eachhalf cycle of the full AC sine wave.
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