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Temperature Controller with Sensitive Touch Keypad
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CN38S Series
  • Easy Programming
  • Input for Thermocouple, RTD and Thermistor
  • Resolution 0.1°C with Automatic Scale Change (Auto-Ranging)
  • “Sensitive Touch” Keypad
  • Switching Power Supply 100 to 240 Vac
  • On/Off or PID Control with Autotuning
  • Programmable Password Protection
  • Soft Start or Start Up Delay
  • Automatic or Stand-By Mode
  • Compressor Protection Time
  • Direct Access to Set-Point
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Monitor and control temperaturewith precision using the CN38SSeries controllers. The CN38SSeries offers an innovative solutionfor programming through anergonomic keypad which usesthe technology “Sensitive Touch”.This sensor keyboard guaranteescomplete protection from dustand liquids in every criticalenvironmental situation. Providingon/off control or PID control withAutotune, this controller is thesolution for many applications.The CN38S series offers a softstart feature. This function makes itpossible to eliminate thermal shockand mechanical stress (due todilatation) that a system undergoesduring start up. In other cases theaim is that of slowing down theincrease in temperature in sucha way that this can spread itselfout evenly inside the material,especially when the machine isequipped with ‘stirrers’ that cannotbe started up at room temperature.The CN38S also offers acompressor protection timefeature, where some actuators,compressors, and pumps cannotbe turned off or turned back ontoo quickly for their constructivecharacteristics. To protect theworking life of the device ittherefore becomes essential tobe able to activate a timer thatguarantees the minimum timebetween the switching off of themachine and the following start up.

Power Supply: 12 Vac/Vdc, 24 Vac/Vdc, 100 to 230 Vac/Vdc (±10%)
Power Consumption: Maximum 6VA
Device Class: Class II
Nominal Pulse Voltage: 2.5 KV
Category of Overvoltage: II
Isolation: Reinforced isolation between low voltage (input and output relay) and frontal parts; reinforced isolation between low voltage and very low voltage parts (inputs, static outputs)
Thermocouple Input
Type: J, K programmable
Resolution: 0.1°C with automatic scale change
Unit of Measurement: °C or °F programmable
Cold Junction: Automatic compensation 0 to 50°C
Cold Junction Accuracy: 0.1°C/°C @ 25°C after a warm-up (instrument switch-on) of 20 minutes
Calibration: According to EN 60584-1
Burn-Out: At the end of scale
Thermocouple Type Range:
    J: -40 to 999°C (-40 to 999°F)
    K: -40 to 999°C (-40 to 999°F)
Type: Pt 100 and Pt 1000, 2-wire
Resolution: 0.1°C with automatic scale change
Unit of Measurement: °C or °F programmable
Burn-Out: At the end of scale
RTD Range: -50 to 850 (-58 to 999°F) -50.0 to 99.9 (-58.0 to 99.9°F)
Thermistor Input
    PTC: 990 Ω @ 25°C
    NTC: 10 kΩ @ 25°C
Unit of Measurement: °C or °F programmable
Model Range:
    PTC: -50 to 150°C (-67 to 302°F), -50.0 to 99.9°C (-67.0 to 99.9°)
    NTC: -50 to 110°C (-58 to 230°F), -50.0 to 99.9°C (-58.0 to 99.9°F)
Output: 1 and 2
Function: Control output
Output Action: Direct/reverse, programmable
Type: Relay output
Contact: SPDT
Contact Load: Out 1 - 8 A/250 Vac on resistive load - 3 A/250V
Relay Electric Life: 100,000 operations
DC Pulse:
    Isolation: Output NOT isolated as regard the very low voltage parts
    Logic State:
      1: 12V ±20% @ 1 mA, 10V ±20% @ 20 mA
      0: <0.5V
Mounting: Flush in panel
Dimensions: 78 x 35 mm (3.07 x 1.38"), depth 64 mm (2.52")
Panel Cut-Out: 71 (2.8") x 29 (1.14")
Display: 3-digit single display, red, 12 mm (0.47")
Weight: 180 g (6.3 oz) approximately
Screw Terminals: 11 screw terminals (screw M3 for cables 0.25... 2.5 mm2 or AWG 22... AWG 14)
Protection Degree:
    Front Protection: IP 65 (with gasket) according to EN60070-1 for indoor use
    Screw Terminal: IP20
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Operating Humidity: < 95 RH% without condensation
Storage Temperature: -25 to 60°C (-13 to 140°F)
Overall Accuracy: ±(0.5% span ±1 digit @25 °C)
Sampling Rate: 1 s
Display Updating Time: 1 s
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