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Rate-Total-Batch Meters
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  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Rate and Total Simultaneously
  • Batch Controller
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Square Root Option
  • Isolated BCD Option
  • 5 Open Collector Outputs Standard
  • Red or Green Display
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The DPF400 Series is a completeline of flowrate indicators offeringexceptional performance at aneconomical price. Individual modelsare available for flowrate andtotalization (with or without squareroot extraction) batch control.

The DPF400 is front panelprogrammable to scale any inputrange to display in desiredengineering units. Independentscale factors for rate and total allowrate indication and totalization indifferent units, such as GPM rateand total barrels. If the optionalRS-232 or RS-485 communicationsare installed, the unit may also beprogrammed by remote computer.

The DPF400 is available with4 input types, including TTL/opencollector pulse, low level frequency,analog voltage or analog current.The unit can be user-configuredfor one of three functions:
  1. a ratemeter/totalizer/batcher
  2. a ratemeter/totalizer/batcherwith square root extraction(for differential pressureflow measurement)
  3. a batch controller only withmultibatch counting, auto/manualbatch recycle, and remote orlocal STOP/CONTINUE control(START control can be obtainedwith a user supplied switch inseries with the control relay)
Options to the DPF400 includeanalog and BCD outputs,alarm/control outputs, and RS-232or RS-485 communications.

The RS-232 or RS-485communications options arebi-directional, allowing the userto configure the DPF400 as wellas read current values.

While each DPF400 comesstandard with 5 open collectoroutputs, the optional DP40-R boardprovides dual 7A mechanical relayswhich replace two of the opencollector alarms, for a total oftwo 7A relay and three opencollector alarms.

TTL Level Inputs (DPF401): 0.7 to 2.0 V threshold; 0.2 Hz to 20 kHz frequency; 24 V protection, positive trigger slope; 16 to 30 V unregulated 75 mA sensor excitation
Isolated Pulse Input with Excitation(DPF402): 60 Vrms with protection to 240 V max signal
DPF4025 V13 mV30 mV
Low8.2 V22 mV50 mV
Level 2.4 V 35 mV 60 mV
NPN Open Collector Input (DPF402): 3-wire connection; 12 V regulated excitation
NAMUR Input (DPF402): 2-wire connection; 8.2 V excitation; 1 kohm impedance; <1 mA activated, >3 mA deactivated
Contact Closure Input (DPF402): 2-wire connection; 12 V regulated sensor excitation, 10 on/off per second frequency range
Analog Input (DPF403): 0 to 5 V, 1 to 5 V, or 4 to 20 mA range; 0 to 10 V, or 0 to 1 mA inputs optionally available; 354 Vp isolation; programmable low-level shutoff; 0.02% FS non-linearity; 0.05% FS accuracy; accuracy, 50 ppm/°C temperature coefficient, maximum
Display: 6-digit, 14-segment LED, red or green; 13.8 mm H (0.54"); indicator lights for alarms and status modes
Display Update: 0.04 to 3 seconds, programmable.
Min. Input Frequency: 0.2 Hz
Power: 115 std., 230 Vac opt. 50/60 Hz; 10 Watts maximum
Accuracy: Frequency: 0.01% of reading; Analog: 0.05% of full scale
Step Response: Analog: 50 msec for 10 to 90% FS; Frequency: equal to selected gate time
Operating Ambient Range: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F), 95% RH, non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
RS-232 Communications (optional): Front panel programmable for 300/1200/2400/4800/9600/19.2k baud; RJ11 4-wire connection; complete program setup and message display capability; programmable to transmit all measured values, alarm status, actual measured input value (not scaled) and status on programmable intervals from 1 to 60,000 seconds.
RS-485 Communications (optional): 300/1200/2400/4800/9600/19.2k baud; RJ11 6-wire connection; addressable from 0 to 199
Open Collector Outputs: Five 150 mA @ 1 Vdc sink; 30 V open
BCD Output (optional): Isolated; 3- or 6-digit addressing; TTL level output; 5 Vdc external power supply required for isolated output
Mechanical Relays (optional): dual, form C; 7A at 230 Vac/30 Vdc
Analog Outputs (optional): 0 to 5 V/ 1 to 5 V/0 to 10 V/0 to 20 mA/4 to 20 mA all field selectable; all internally powered (sourcing); 600 ohms max. loop impedance for 20 mA outputs; min. 500 ohms input impedance for voltage outputs; 354 Vp isolation; 15-bit resolution; 0.1% of reading accuracy; 50 ms step response; fully adjustable zero and span adjustments.
Dimensions: 48 H x 96 W x 149 mm D (1.89 x 3.78 x 5.86")
Panel Cutout: 45 H x 92 mm W (1.772 x 3.622"); 18 DIN
Weight: 574 g (1.27 lb)
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