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RF Capacitance Point Level Sensors
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LV800 Series
  • Superior 0.5 pF Sensitivity Ensures Reliability
  • Build-Up Immunity Helps Eliminate False Signals
  • High Intensity LED Indicating Light (Ordinary Location Integral Sensors Only)
  • Simple 2-Step Manual Calibration
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LV800 Series RF capacitancesensors offer cost-effective pointlevel monitoring with reliability youcan count on. trodeks provides youwith the most affordable solution foryour application. trodeks’s RFswitch probes are designed toprovide a high level of sensitivity,stability and durability for powderand bulk solids applications, as wellas liquid and slurry applications.
Principal of Operation
A radio frequency is applied to theprobe and is continually analyzed todetermine the influence caused bythe surrounding environment. Asmaterial contacts the probe, theradio frequency shifts indicating anincrease in capacitance (C). Theactive probe of the unit and thevessel’s wall make up the twoplates (A=area) of a capacitorwhich are separated by a fixeddistance (d). The probe’s insulatorand surrounding air provide thedielectric material (with dielectricconstant “K”). As the air (K=1.0) isdisplaced with any other material(K > 1.0), the capacitance effect (C)is enhanced, thereby changing theapplication’s impedance.This influence is measured withinthe circuitry and compared to areference established by thesensitivity setting. The settingdetermines how much influencemust be present before the outputchanges. The driven shield sectionof the probe enables the circuitry toignore product build-up on theprobe that would otherwise causefalse sensing. The driven shield isactivated with the same radiofrequency potential as the sensingprobe. Since current can not flowbetween identical potentials, thedriven shield blocks current flowfrom the active probe to the vesselwall through the material build-up,thereby eliminating the sensing ofthe material build-up.
LV800 Series capacitance pointlevel sensors are versatile devicesproviding high and low levelreadings in bins, silos, tanks,hoppers, and other vessels. LV800Series superior sensitivity rangeallows users to properly adjust unitsto meet the needs of a wide varietyof applications. Whether yourapplication is for a powder, liquid,granular solid, or viscous material,the LV800 Series product line offersthe right solution.
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