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Economical Gas Mass Controllers With or Without Integral Display
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FMA5400A and FMA5500A
  • NIST Traceable Calibration
  • Reads and Controls Gas Mass Flow Without Temperature or Pressure Compensation
  • Available in Economical Aluminum or Corrosion-Resistant 316 SS
  • Tiltable LCD Display for Easy Reading
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The FMA5400A/5500A Series electronic gas mass flow controllers provide for controlling the flow of a wide variety of gases from 0-10 SCCM up to 100 SLM. Utilizing heat transfer through a heated tube to measure molecular gas flowrate, the FMA5400A/5500A provides measurement of direct gas mass flowrate, without the need to compensate for variations in gas temperature or pressure (within stated limits). They are available in an economical aluminum/brass construction for typical gas flows and a 316 SS construction for applications requiring more corrosion resistance. The FMA5400A series without integral display is supplied with both an analog 0-5 Vdc and 4 to 20 mA output for remote monitoring; the FMA5500A series has both an integral 3-1/2 digit display and analog output. The display is tiltable over 90 degrees for viewing convenience. The display is calibrated standard to read out directly in SCCM or SLM for nitrogen (other gas calibrations available on special order).

The FMA5400A/5500A mass flow controllers feature a built-in normally-closed electromagnetic valve for maintaining a constant flowrate regardless of variations in inlet or outlet pressures. The setpoint is controlled either locally via a potentiometer accessible through an access window in the case or remotely via an analog 0-5 Vdc or 4-20 mA signal (field selectable). The FMA5400A/5500A series require 12 to 26 Vdc power @ 800 mA maximum, which can be supplied by the FMA545PW wall plug-in socket power supply. 12 to 15 Vdc power @ 800 mA maximum (Sizes 43,44, and 45 ONLY). Model number FMA545C (supplied separately) provides a mating 15-pin “D” connector with 8 feet of shielded cable for accessing the analog output signals and power input connections. The LCD supplied with the FMA5500A series is connected to the lower electronics via a modular plug. The LCD can be remotely located by purchasing an FMA18RC remote cable assembly–you must then build your own assembly for panel mounting the LCD.

Accuracy: ±1.5% FS, including linearity over 15 to 25°C (59 to 77°F) and
0.7 to 4.2 kg/cm² (10 to 60 psia) ±3% FS for units ≥ 100 SLM from o to 20% of range.
Repeatability: ±0.5% of full scale
Temp Coefficient: 0.15% FS/°C
Pressure Coefficient: 0.01% FS per psi (0.07 bar)
Maximum Pressure Drop: 50 psid
Response Time: 5 seconds to within ±2% of set flow rate over 25 to 100% FS
Max Gas Pressure: 70 kg/cm2 gage (1000 psig)(For units up to 100 SLM); 35 kg/cm2 gage (500 psig); 1.76 kg/cm (25 psig) optimum
Gas and Ambient Temp: 5 to 50°C (41 to 122°F)
Leak Integrity: 1 x 10-7 cc/sec of He max to outside environment
Materials in Fluid Contact:
   Aluminum Models: Anodized aluminum, 316 SS, brass and FKM O-rings
   Stainless Steel Models: 316 SS and FKM O-rings
Output Signal:
   Linear 0 to 5 Vdc: 1000 &trodeks; minimum load
   4 to 20 mA: 50 to 500 &trodeks; loop resistance, ±20 mV max noise
Transducer Power: 12 to 26 Vdc @ 800 mA standardTurndown Ratio: 40:1
Shipping Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lb)
Compliance: EN55011 class 1, class B; EN50082-1
Attitude Sensitivity: With horizontal flow path, no shift in calibration up to +20 degree pitch
Gas Relative Humidity: 0 to 70% RH
Min Pressure Drop
SLM ≤9 10-30 50 60-100 200 500 1000
psid 1.1 3.9 8 18.9 10 12 15
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