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Hot Water Meters for Totalization and Rate Indication with Pulse Output
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FTB8000HW Series
  • Flow Rates from 0.22 to 132 GPM
  • 150 psi Maximum Operating Pressure
  • 90°C (194°F) Maximum Operating Temperature
  • Field-Adjustable Pulse Output (Optional)
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The FTB8000HW Series meters usethe multi-jet principle, which hasbeen an internationally acceptedstandard for many years. This typeof meter is known for its wide range,simplicity, and accuracy in lowqualitywater. The impeller iscentered in a ring of jets, with inletjets on one level and outlet jets onanother. A gear train drives theregister totalizer dials. For pulseoutput, one of the dials is replacedby a gear, which turns a magnetthat is detected by an encapsulatedsensor threaded into the outside ofthe lens. Pulse rate is determinedby the gear and the dial on whichthe gear is placed. Changing thepulse rate requires no special toolsand can be done in the field.

Mechanically, all FTB8000HWmeters are the same. The differencebetween the -PR, -PT, and standardmodels is in the sensor. -PR modelmeters use a solid state, longlastingHall-effect sensor, whichrequires power. -PT model metersuse a 2-wire reed switch. Theyprovide a dry-contact closure anddo not require power. BasicFTB8000HW meters totalize onlyand do not have an output. Neverinstall water meters above or overareas where leakage would causedamage.

    Body: Cast bronze
    Internals: Engineered thermoplastic
    Magnet: Permanent ceramic
Max Temperature: 90°C (194°F)
Max Operating Pressure: 150 psi
Accuracy: 1.5% of reading
    -PR: Hall-effect device
    -PT: Reed switch
Max Current: 20 mA
Max Voltage:
    -PR: 24 Vdc
    -PT: 24 Vdc or Vac
Sensor Power (-PR): Minimum 6 mA at 12 Vdc
Cable Length: 4 m (12') standard, 600 m (2000') max
Flow Rates (GPM):
NPT Size ¾ 1 2
Minimum 0.22 0.44 0.88 1.98
Maximum 22 52 88 132
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