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Slot Expansion Module with Termination Panels
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  • Customizable Panels Offer User Choice of Signal Connector Types
  • Accepts up to ThreeOMB-DBK AnalogExpansion Cards orThree OMB-DBK DigitalExpansion Cards
  • Enables Easy Card Installation
  • Rugged All Metal Construction forPortable Applications
  • Attaches to the OMB-LOGBOOK
    or OMB-DAQBOARD-2000
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The OMB-DBK60 expansionmodule allows the OMB-LOGBOOKand OMB-DAQBOARD-2000 Seriesdata acquisition systems to beexpanded with any combination ofup to three analog or three digitalOMB-DBK signal conditioning andexpansion cards.Removable termination panelsoffer the user a choice of connectortypes including BNC, removablescrew terminal, thermocouple andsafety jacks. Each panel includespre-stripped wires by which theuser can connect to any of thethree OMB-DBK cards installedin the OMB-DBK60 enclosure.A user-customizable blanktermination panel is also availablefor custom applications.

The OMB-DBK60’s three-cardinternal backplane eases cablingby bringing all connections out toa single DB37, thus only a singlecable is required to attach anOMB-DBK60 to a system. Analogand digital DBK cards cannot bemixed within one OMB-DBK60enclosure, and thus a separateenclosure is required for analogor digital cards. An unlimited number of OMB-DBK60enclosures can be secured to oneanother or an OMB-LOGBOOKsystem. The OMB-DBK60’s metalenclosure features a slide-in drawerfor easy access to the OMB-DBKcards.

The OMB-DBK60 can be used asan expansion module forOMB-DAQBOARD-2000 Seriessystems. Each OMB-DBK60 willaccept up to three analogexpansion cards or three digitalexpansion cards. Analog and digitalexpansion cards cannot be mixedwithin one OMB-DBK60 enclosure.

Eight different termination panelsare available for use with theOMB-DBK60. These include theOMB-DBK602 BNC terminationpanel, OMB-DBK603 red safety-jacktermination panel, OMB-DBK604red and black safety-jackpanel, OMB-DBK605 thermocoupleinput termination panel (specifythermocouple type), OMB-DBK606removable-block screw terminalpanel, OMB-DBK607 slottedtermination panel with adjustableclamp and OMB-DBK608termination panel with three DB37connectors.

Termination Panels
To complement OMB-DBK cardsinstalled in the OMB-DBK60enclosure, users have a choice ofeight termination panels thatprovide a variety of inputconnectors. The termination panelsscrewmount to the rear of theOMB-DBK60 chassis,and include the appropriate stylewire to connect each input to anenclosed OMB-DBK60.

You can stack the OMB-DBK60beneath an OMB-LOGBOOKportable acquisition module. Theresult is a compact and securelyconnected data acquisition systemthat you can conveniently carryfrom one application site toanother.

Accommodates upto 3 OMB-DBK expansion cards;
digital and analog OMB-DBK cardscannot be mixed within
a singleOMB-DBK60 enclosure
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Black, powder-coated
Dimensions: 280 x 356 x 89 mm
(11 x 14 x 3.5)
Weight: 3.08 kg empty (7 lb);cards .25 to .75 kg each(8 to 12 oz)
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