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FMG800 Series
  • No Moving Parts
  • Minimal Straight Pipe Required
  • Battery Powered
  • Built-In Rate and Total Indicator
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Pulse Output (FMG810 Only)
  • US Gallons Pre-Programmed
    (Other units available)
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The FMG800 Series is a full-bore,plastic-bodied electromagneticflow meter designed for flow andusage monitoring applications in1, 2 and 3 inch pipe. Thepolypropylene flow tube offerscorrosion resistance to a widerange of chemicals and fertilizers.It is light weight and easy toinstall or remove from the pipefor inspection*.

With no moving parts, the magmeterpermits unobstructed flow, minimizingflow disturbances and straight piperequirements. The FMG800 Seriescan be used in piping configurationswhere there is little space betweenthe meter and an elbow or valve.The FMG800 Series is resistant towear from sand and debris found inground or surface water. Since thereare no bearings or propeller to wearout, maintenance and repair costsare kept to a minimum and ittolerates high flows without damage.A hinged polyethylene cover isincluded that protects from dust andUV rays, while permitting easyaccess to the flow rate and totaldisplay. Flow rate and total can bedisplayed in a variety of units, but must be factory programmed.

The FMG800 Series is used fortracking flow rate and total flow inusage monitoring applicationsincluding wells, industrial wastewater,heap leach mining discharge, coolingtower deduct, turf, landscape,and other water reclamationapplications. In the event of DC powerloss, or when changingbatteries, the FMG800 will retaininternal settings and flow total.

FMG800 SeriesThe FMG810 Series is externallypowered via a 5-pin connector cablewhich also provides pulse output foruse with a variety of trodeks displaysand controls for remote reading, datalogging, pulse-to-analogconversion, and telemetryapplications.

The FMG800 Series is a battery-operatedunit for use when pulse outputis not required. The batteries are userreplaceable with anapproximate 1 to 2 year lifedepending on usage.
*Includes trodeks NPT fitting kit on2 and 3" models.

Pipe Size: 1, 2 or 3" full port
Fittings: 1 NPTF, 2 or 3" flange clamps with 2 or 3 NPTF fitting kit
    Metric (BSP) fittings optional
Pressure: 150 psi or 10.3 bar working pressure @ 21°C (70°F)
Operating Temperature Range: -12 to 54°C (10 to 130°F), -40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F) non-operating
Accuracy: ±1% of reading (between 10% and 100% of max flow) ±3% of reading (between cutoff and 10% of max flow)
Flow Range Minimum:
    1": 2.3 GPM (0.145 LPS)
    2": 6 GPM (0.38 LPS)
    3": 14 GPM (0.88 LPS)
Flow Range Maximum:
    1": 110 GPM (6.94 LPS)
    2": 300 GPM (18.9 LPS)
    3": 670 GPM (42.3 LPS)
Materials Body: Glass-filled polypropylene
Electrodes: 316 stainless steel
Electronics Housing: Die-cast aluminum, powder-coated
Display Cover: Polyethylene
Display Digits: Rate-6, Total-8
Units Rate: Gallons/Minute, Cubic Feet/ Second, Acre-Feet, Acre-Inch, Gallons, Gallons x 1000, Cubic Feet/Minute, Liters/Second
Units total: Cubic Feet, Liters, Mega-liters, Cubic Metersm Liters/Minute, Cubic Meters/Minute
    FMG800: 10 to 30 Vdc @ 60 mA max (15 mA average)
    NOTE: Using an unregulated power supply >18 Vdc may damage the meter due to AC line input voltage fluctuation
    FMG810: 6 each “AA” alkaline cells (included), replaceable. Estimated life is 1 to 2 years depending on usage
Pulse Output (FMG810 Only):
    Signal: Current sinking pulse, opto-isolated, 32 Vdc max at 10 mA max
    Standard Pulse Rate: 1 unit/pulse out, pulse width of 10 ms depending on unit selection
High Frequency (-HF): Pulse width 1.1 ms, min/max frequency, 3 to 150 hz
    Pulse/Unit: 1" = 80, 2" = 30, 3" = 13
Empty Pipe Detection: Hardware/ software, conductivity-based
Conductivity: >20 micro Siemens/cm
Environmental: NEMA 4X standard
Electrical Connection (FMG810 Only): 5-pin male circular with 6 m (20') cable

For a complete list of displays in alternate Engineering Units consult the full specification page via the link "Specs" above.

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